Long Fall Suicide with Aftermath

Long Fall Suicide with Aftermath
Long Fall Suicide with Aftermath

Video depicts the suicide by jumping from the roof of a tall building, and includes aftermath.

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  1. Nope. Both videos aren’t from the same suicide.
    First part: The person who records shouted “Ah, janganlah!” Which is translated to “Ah, please don’t!” from Malay language.
    Second part: Crowd was speaking some Chinese dialects, which is in China.

    Source: Myself, a Malaysian Chinese.

    1. You’re probably right, although the jumper looks like he split in half on impact and aftermath had a dude who was split in half, it appears like tire tracks going through the remains so I would say truck accident for the aftermath

  2. That had to be one of the longest falls outside of the 911 attacks I have ever seen. I would hope to pass out before I hit the ground from sheer terror. Then again, I like my life. I won’t be jumping any time soon.

  3. 1st Aid/Trauma nurse here. Might be the same victim. If he hit at the right angle and “folded” along the high thoracic spine, the “fold” could be explosive enough to cause that injury. I would have expected lots more splatter, however, so my money is on a truck strike.

  4. if you can zoom in you can see him, split in half when he hits the ground. look at the hight of this building, & seeing what did to this guy. i can only imagine what the jumpers on 9/11. looked like when they hit the ground? maybe just a pile of mush?

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