Long Fall Suicide with Aftermath

Long Fall Suicide with Aftermath
Long Fall Suicide with Aftermath

Video depicts the suicide by jumping from the roof of a tall building, and includes aftermath.

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24 thoughts on “Long Fall Suicide with Aftermath”

  1. Nope. Both videos aren’t from the same suicide.
    First part: The person who records shouted “Ah, janganlah!” Which is translated to “Ah, please don’t!” from Malay language.
    Second part: Crowd was speaking some Chinese dialects, which is in China.

    Source: Myself, a Malaysian Chinese.

    1. You’re probably right, although the jumper looks like he split in half on impact and aftermath had a dude who was split in half, it appears like tire tracks going through the remains so I would say truck accident for the aftermath

  2. That had to be one of the longest falls outside of the 911 attacks I have ever seen. I would hope to pass out before I hit the ground from sheer terror. Then again, I like my life. I won’t be jumping any time soon.

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