Video of Suicidal Jump from Building in India

Video of Suicidal Jump from Building in India
Video of Suicidal Jump from Building in India

Video from India shows a person committing suicide by jumping from the roof of a building.

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10 thoughts on “Video of Suicidal Jump from Building in India”

  1. Wow I’m the first person to type something for this incident?!

    “Poor bastard. Hope you’re happy in Heaven. This life was a piece of shit anyway”.


  2. I read in the comments elsewhere (from someone who lives nearby), that this lady was constantly physically and mentally abused by her twat of an alcoholic husband. So decided that death was preferable, it seems…..
    Terribly sad that this was her only way out of her torment.

    1. Wow,,, i heard the opposite. I heard that she used Bath Salts regularly, beat the fuck out of her 95lbs disabled Husband, so he threw her off the roof, as he shouted Fuck the Fuck-Off ya Cunt!

  3. I know the fucker on the Ground was not trying to catch that Fat deranged whore? …… King Kong would’nt ever tried to catch her. ….. Fuckin Garlic makes them act Retarded.

  4. You all need to wake up. What is with the hate?? Whats with the jokes?? A women is dead!!!! Regardless of whos a bigger raceist. A family has lost a daughter a mother or sister. Just becaouse she has diffrent skin or is half a world away dont make it ok for you to make fun at her. In case you havent noticed this site uses the anom slogan (expect us) this isnt what anoms are about. 😢😢😢😢😢

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