Robbers Get Beat Up in Recife Subway

Robbers Get Beat Up in Recife Subway
Robbers Get Beat Up in Recife Subway

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A 20-year-old boy died and a teenager was injured during an attempted robbery at the Imbiribeira Station, on the South Line of the Recife Metro, around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday (6). According to the Military Police, the two were the suspects of the robbery and a third party managed to escape. Relatives learned of the situation when receiving photos of the body made by passengers through WhatsApp. The shots were fired by an unidentified passenger. The military noticed that he had a toy revolver.

After the shots, victims of the assault, revolted, shouted and assaulted and tapped the suspect who was injured on the floor of the car.

The boy who died was identified as Antony Bezerra de Oliveira Filho. His wife went to the scene late on Tuesday. Desperate, Joyce da Silva, 29, a kitchen assistant, said her husband was a hardworking man who sold popcorn and water on the subway and was not involved in the crime. They did not have children together, but she has a son, stepchild of him.

The teenager shot was taken to the Hospital of the Restoration, in the district of Derby, in the Central area of ​​the capital of Pernambuco. Witnesses say he appears to be 14 and his condition has not yet been reported. According to family information, he is from Camaragibe, lives with his mother there. The rumor is that he usually practices robberies on buses. Relatives could not tell if he was studying or had been detained before.

Experts from the Institute of Criminalistics (IC) were activated and the station was isolated, with the line blocked in the Cajueiro direction, but normally working towards the Center. The place was very dirty with blood.

Delegate Antônio de Campos also went to the site and collected the preliminary information, but it is not yet known who will investigate the case. According to subway security chief Hildebrando Sales, security images of the station have already been requested to try to identify the shooter. As the train is from an old model, there are no cameras inside the wagon.

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