42 thoughts on “Cruel Woman Disembowels Kitten”

  1. I won’t even view this type of video. Violators of animals or children make my blood boil. I’d love to express what I would do to them but I do not want to be banned from this site.

    1. Yea… I know what you mean. I’m coming with you.. We can make a video.. That shows the things we’re doing to her. And to the other fuckers.

  2. If I had one wish it would be to see a video on this site in the near future of this skanky whore being disembowelled slowly!

    1. I would cut her belly open and push her intestines in her mouth and watch her dying. Or maybe I would force her to drink acid. That should hurt more. Or I’m doing both. Lucky for her that I don’t know her.

    1. Yeah sure… take this video down today, so your precious feelings don’t get hurt. Tomorrow we’ll take down another video so somebody else’s precious feeling don’t get hurt. Come to think of it, why not just take everything off the internet so none of you precious snowflakes get their precious feelings hurt. Cause, you know, pretending bad things don’t happen is the same as if they didn’t happen at all.

  3. Wow every time i think ive seen the worst display of humanity, i find something even worse, never before have i been so damn angry

  4. Who is she and where is she from?
    Just bitching here on the internet is not enough.
    Someone actually has to buy a plane ticket to go and kill this bitch.

  5. I totally agree with everyone who has express their disgust in this barbaric cruelty towards a defenseless kitten. I hope this bitch gets found out and dealt with in the same manner.

  6. Whoa you mfs, that is nothing. Ancestral white people used to feed new born black babies to the alligators. Dont blame blackness because we all are fucked up in our own little way. Ps i nutted on a picture of muhammad just now and the Isis leader. Splat!

  7. this is a fucking mental “game” that some bitches does like to do and is called animal crushing or sort of it involging usually nice looking ladies with high heels crushing animals underneath their feet

  8. Sounded american to me.

    Psychotic sociopathic meatbags. These are the oppressed who deserve our sympathy because their lives matter?!

    No. People like you, your lives don’t matter. You don’t deserve to be taking up space.

  9. Sickening .and as everyone here knows that sick cunt is one of many who do this shit to animals. I couldn’t watch that dog video ..Mark is right tho these vids have to be here if only so some of us can give a fuck and its not just hidden and seen by the sick parasites that like this .death is natural, torture of the innocent isn’t ..children and animals top of the list. The weak in other words .

  10. I’d rape that cumbubble whore with a 12 gauge sideways up her arse gudder in front of her mother so she can known the filth she brought in. Fucking waste of egg and sperm.

    Then I’d have to get a new 12 gauge.

  11. This video needs to be kept in Best Gore to document the depth of “evil” that humans can sink to. Surely. there are special places in Hell awaiting them.
    I downloaded the video but could not bear to view it.
    Maybe one day… if ever.

  12. First: Notice that the “evil” psychopathic woman is wearing a gold cross necklace. The cross wiggles in time with the disembowelment of the kitten. So much for Christian symbolism meanings of compassion in a psychopath’s mind.

    Second, given the practiced ease in which she worked er evil… it seems safe to conclude that she hs done these kinds of things many times before.

    Third, I hope law enforcement finds this psychopath ASAP. Surely,, if she hasn’t killed humans before, she probably will one day.

    Forth, this video needs to be kept in Best Gore’s files in order to document the depth of “evil” that humans can sink to.

    Fifth. The videographer is complicit in the kitten’s killing and is therefore sick or sicker than the woman. Whoever the videographer is “it” needs to be caught.

    Surely. there are special places in Hell awaiting them.
    I downloaded the video but could not bear to view the kitten… it was disgusting just to see her arms moving.

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