Father Beats Son with Stick

Father Beats Son with Stick
Father Beats Son with Stick

The video shows a man beating a child with a stick. I don’t know where the video is from, but maybe someone stronger than him will get him a taste of his own medicine. And fuck the person videotaping.

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    1. There we go again hannah, please, not every muslim is the same and be honsest you don’t even know!

      But on your comments i think you don’t like muslims at all, thats exactly what they want you 2 think honey! Mister’am

  1. As a father of five this sickens me.And as a former amature mma fighter i would love to smash his face and break his arms wait till they heal and break them again that fuckin pussy.

  2. It’s called a spanking. For what it’s worth, dad seems to take careful aim. I received a couple of similar punishments when I was a child after I was overheard saying ‘fuck’. I never forgot the ‘lesson’ and didn’t feel much love for my father after that. I don’t know what this kid did to deserve this punishment but there are better ways to correct such behavior other than physical violence. Despite the punishment I received, it didn’t deter my feelings about expressing free speech. Thanks for sites like this one!

    1. Your right free speech is a beautiful thing.But that child is but two years old and they make alot of inocent mistakes their still learning this only instills fear and hitting is how you solve problems.Im not apposed to spanking but this punishment is ment for an older child and one or two gets the point.I just really dont like bullys and this man was probably raised the same way but it is not moving us forward as intelligent beings so i have strong feelings towards the subject.Proud to be an American and free speech is beautiful no matter what any one says.Thank you Mark for the balls to run this site.

  3. It would be some filthy Muslim Cunt inflicting the misery that primitive cult is well known for. The sad part is that innocent child will grow up to be a pathetic muslim cunt just like his old man.

  4. I’m there is absolutely NO mention of where this even was geographically taking place.
    So, Hannah, way to out yourself for being a hateful, dumb cunt.

    And it sounds more like he’s speaking Spanish than Arabic or Urdu btw.

    how about we just wipe you off the planet instead?

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