Girls Roll Down Stairs Fighting

Girls Roll Down Stairs Fighting
Girls Roll Down Stairs Fighting

Video from Brazil shows two girls – a blonde and a brunette – fighting and even taking a little tumble down the stairs. The fight is then broken up by a shirtless white knight.

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9 thoughts on “Girls Roll Down Stairs Fighting”

  1. I like the guy taking the opportunity to put his hands on each girls tits.
    There needs to be a wall at the bottom of the walkway, then a cliff to fall over….

    Where did this happen ? SKANKVILLE……

  2. I can’t be the only one the got turned on. Just let them ruff each other up a little then take the whore back for some ass pounding, no mercy

  3. ugly nigger bitches 🙂

    all south american is 90% filled with brown monkeys that all they do all day long is fight/durgs/pretend to work and breath fresh air that someone productive can get …..

  4. This is what you get from race mixing. Black and white kids most likely become apish like the rest of the black gene pool..

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