Woman Caught on Hidden Cam Abusing Sick Child

Woman Caught on Hidden Cam Abusing Sick Child
Woman Caught on Hidden Cam Abusing Sick Child

Video from undisclosed location shows a woman who was hired to care for a sick child, beating and abusing said child.

11 thoughts on “Woman Caught on Hidden Cam Abusing Sick Child”

  1. That poor little guy. How black and hateful must a person’s soul be to abuse a special needs child? One does not get more innocent and vulnerable than that. At least an infant will one day grow into an adult who can speak out and defend his or herself but that poor boy will always be dependent on people to survive and will probably always be fearful of people now. The FV are so sick and twisted and Hell just grows bigger.

    1. This is why you must care for your own children. If this child is hers then all I can say is…. Just because a woman can have a child doesn’t make her a mother.

  2. There are no words to describe what I think of an evil person like that lady. And I bet there are so many more out there like her. But she’ll have her day in hell when it’s her turn to be defenseless and the demons are ramming their fists up her ass!! Poor boy, I hope he’s receiving better care since I’m sure the proper authorities have saw this video. God bless his him. Poor little guy😢.

  3. Hi, I’m Forest, Forest Gump. …… You might not believe it. ….. But I can Run like the WIND! ….. Momma said life is like a Box of Chocolates. …. Except for today, I feel like I’ve been SHITTED ON! ….. My legs? My legs feel as they been Spread Eagled like a Prostitute in a Whorehouse! But I guess I’ll survive this bullshit this no Titty bitch has been dishing. ….

  4. @2’39” I swear the kid knows the cam is there, and he’s looking into it and saying to himself “Oh you are SO going to pay for this, and you’ll have to suck it up like I suck on this bottle, bitch!”

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