Husband Catches Wife with Lover in Motel

Husband Catches Wife with Lover in Motel
Husband Catches Wife with Lover in Motel

Video apparently from China shows a man surprising his cheating whore wife after she fucked a lover in a motel room. Some fucking white knight still defended the whore from beating.

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  1. There are still men who believe an asian wife will be better than a western women. But notice how this Chinese woman is every bit as mouthy as some western whore even as she’s getting slapped around for being caught in the act of adultery. Let this be a wake up call for men who think nationality will somehow have any bearing on a woman’s character.

    1. How wrong you are…..depending what Asian country you are talking about, Japan for example, Young ladies are raised with an entirely different mind set…

  2. Should have beet the lover enough so he gets the message. But definitely need to beet the wife till she can’t remember her own name. Drag her naked ass back to the kitchen.

  3. Ya know, I never really understood this kind of mess. I would have loved catching them but then I’d kick her ass to the curb and tell macho man she’s all yours. And I would move my happy ass on, if they’ll cheat once, well…lets just say past behavior is a good indication of future behavior.
    So, sayonara –

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