Decapitation of Sheep for Sustenance in India

Decapitation of Sheep for Sustenance in India
Decapitation of Sheep for Sustenance in India

Video filmed by Kannada people in India shows the decapitation of a sheep for sustenance in the village.

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7 thoughts on “Decapitation of Sheep for Sustenance in India”

    1. Damm! that was quick Isis sits there for 3 minutes sawing heads off but rhese people get a goat’s head of in one swing.

    2. Among Hindus and Sikhs, it is believed that if the animal being slaughtered’s, neck isn’t severed in one swing, will bring bad luck and misery to the entire family.

  1. lol i’m from karnataka (where this video was taken) and this must’ve been done by muslims because in Hinduism, killing of animals is prohibited. nevertheless, many hindus eat meat. also, i have a feeling this was an act of witchcraft because slaughtering of animals is usually done in the mosque and not in the middle of nowhere.

    1. you stupid Endian. Muslims slaughter properly and do not chop off the head until the animal has died. You need to drink less cow piss. Hindus do eat mutton and chicken in Endia.

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