12 Year Old Katelyn Nichole Davis Livestreams Her Suicide by Hanging with Liveme App

12 Year Old Kaitlyn Livestreams Her Suicide by Hanging with Liveme App
12 Year Old Katelyn Nichole Davis Livestreams Her Suicide by Hanging with Liveme App

According to the info I got, the girl’s name was Katelyn Nichole Davis, she was 12 year old and lived in Georgia, USA. She streamed her suicide live to the internet using Live.me App.


All degenerates requesting (or threatening) to take the video down need to READ THIS.

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          1. She was. Read some fucking articles about her and watch her videos and find that she makes mention of being indec nelly touches, nothing else you fucking moron.

          1. Why a rude person make this beautiful girl commit suicide why I am so mad I will find this Luke guy or if is the last thing I do I will have my revenge

          1. Why are you on this website if you find comments like his ‘gross”?Your on miscopy on your own accord so you should clearly understand it’s agenda.This is not a website where we cater to the likes of SJW’S and special snowflakes and there is certainly no censorship unlike Reddit.So kindly fuck off.I truly wish they moved this website to the dark net so avid veiwers like us would not have to tolerate the whining of 12 year old girls and sheeple alike.Stop trying to validate your own opinion and justify your’s as the more righteous.That doesn’t work around here.

          2. Doesn’t matter mr. leaper you and the person who posted that other comment are still Gross pigs. Even on the dark web, people don’t take pedophelia lighlty. Which is what I get from a man asking about a 12 year old child’s sexual history. And you got defending the pervert. I came on here to view this because I like gore as well. Doesn’t mean me or others need to accept disgusting pigs like yourself who should rot in hell you sick fuck Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

          3. But I guess you need to find another site to view, dark web has many Pedophilia websites that may suit your tastes. Because we don’t cater to your type here as well. Sorry.

          1. If you know someone that new this child then can you tell us if the mothers pending charges? I’ve watched all this child’s videos and she was living with a drug addicted mother who made this child grow up and act responsible her siblings. Now ppl wonder why she had a 19 yr old bf at her age im sue that goes back to the mother leaving her in a trailer that isn’t fit for animals to live in. This is one person I would love 5 no 2 minutes alone with. Oh you ask where I get my info well let’s just say right from the rachet whores own mouth admitting to a pill sniffing problem and also bringing men in and out of the tailor I’ll take a guess at this one prostituting oh but she says there’s not going to be doing that anymore. I highly doubt that now. So pass my takes on mommy dearest along, to her. The unfit to breath slut

        1. Ok first of all why the fuck does that matter? You should be slapped in the fucking face you piece of shit. She had very bad depression and just killed herself. That is the most saddest thing in the world. If you had kids then you would understand. Your a fucking scum bag bitch.

          1. U fucking idiot… People die every day. My job is very hard getting people off the trees and the battlefields.

          2. how the fuck can you say people die everyday, get over it?
            your sick, there is a big difference between dying and committing suicide, this little girl is 12 years of age, she should of been playing out with her friends and living a normal life of a 12 year old. but instead she got pushed and pushed to the point she couldn’t face the world anymore. There is no excuse for her feeling this sort of pressure, especially at this age, it sick.
            thoughts go out to the friends and family of this poor little girl.
            And to those who gave her a hard time, if your reading this, your sick. she didn’t deserve this, no one does.

          3. No,the saddest thing in the world is a kid crying for help on a busy street to an unconcerned public after his leg was snapped in half from a car accident or the man getting quad amputated for a crime he did not commit by the Los Zetas cartel in front of his wife who’s getting gangraped by his side .This girl is just a dumb Cunt who died a senseless death for a temporary problem that would’ve been solved in the long term especially in a country like America.Its natural selection at its finest and it gives us the morbid entertainment we seek when we get on this website.To remind you,this website(MISCOPY. com) is a sister site used as a viewing tool for BESTGORE.com. People come on this site to intentionally view Gore so this is obviously not a place where we care or cater to sensitive whiny girls who think they have the world figured out or special snowflakes.If you view videos on this site,you clearly understand the agenda this website is pushing and you view on your own accord.So you have no right to try and seek validation for your own opinions.On a side note,logically speaking; trying to show sympathy for a dead girl obviously bares no fruit since you cannot bring her back to life.All your trying to do is feel good about yourself by calling others out on their opinions on the matter.How hypocritical of you.

          1. probably asking because of the age and more likely if she lost her virginity people started talking about it around her labeling her a slut which probably led to her hanging

          2. OMG! I can’t believe the bubble gum comments I’m reading. Please get the fuck off or better yet hang yourself in a tree in your front yard and don’t forget to live stream it.

        2. Why the fuck would you wanna no you fucken twisted cunt you should feel sorry for her she took her on life cause she was over the world we all live in and the people in it

          1. No. You need to read more. She took her life because she was molested by a family member. Not “sick of the world we live in.” Smdh.

          1. I jus clicked on her not thinkin it would be the real video oh no this ishorrible! Is this the actual video? Y is it still around:(

          1. There is NOT a video out there that has her just “hanging” there for FOUR hours . Wish people would get their shit straight before they comment.

          2. There actually is a video of her just hanging but it’s not for four hours it’s for about 20 minutes before her phone dies. It’s very sad because her mother (I think it’s her mother) is yelling “Katy? Katelyn? Where is she? KATY?” and calling her phone. I’m sort of relieved her phone ran out of battery before her mom found her because that would be just traumatizing for a mother.

          1. Dyllon Demeter. Is there anything else you want to add to your lol comment? A lot of these comments are a little off. But it’s to be expected, right? I have no argument to anything. Just saying karma comes to the ones who deserve it. Rest in peace lil one. I’ll see you soon enough.

          1. He wasn’t even a family memeber, I’m sure she couldn’t live with the image of being touched and seeing her siblings being touch and the fact that she couldn’t help them, to the molester and his fans you will pay, you will pay with every bit of you disgusting soul and when you find your self crying, pleading for mercy you will remember this innocent child and you will never Rest In Peace… rest in paradise Katy

        3. Pavement Ape You are one sick individual to say crap like that theres,a special place waiting for you its called hell get right with God repent turn to to jesus,christ he is the only way to be saved John 3:16 John 14:6

          1. Why you will say she was a virgin is 12 year old beautiful girl just died don’t say she was a virgin

        4. She was too a virgin her autopsy said that she was a healthy 12 year old girl with no signs of sexual abuse or sexual activity and why does that matter fucking perverts

      1. This site is making excuses about why they posted this child’s suicide. 12 year olds do not know what is best for them. You can fool yourselves inti thinking you arent disgusting but it doesnt change a thing. I hope one day soon you feel the pain her mother is feeling right niw

        1. Then why the fuck are you here ? Didn’t you CHOOSE to get on this site ? Didn’t you CHOOSE to go to the suicide section and find this video ? Didn’t you CHOOSE to click on a video of a 12 year olds suicide ? And then you have the nerve to take additional time out of your day to comment with the intent to BITCH about it ? FOH

    1. Maybe the reason why he is asking is cause if she isn’t a Vigin, that could be one of the reasons she killed herself… cause she has had sex at such a young age as well as people not liking her…

      1. On one of the articles it goes into detail as to some of the reasons why she killed her self. These reasons being that 1. She had depression 2. Her stepfather was a very abusive man toward her 3. Her stepfather also tried to rape her there’s more but I can’t remember them. It has nothing to do with the fact on whether she was a virgin or not. And either way that’s just not a question you ask especially when the said person had just killed them self.

    2. As sad as suicide is, what’s worse is that because she’s didn’t jump the rope didn’t pull hard enough on her spinal chord therefore her death would’ve been painful and long, she would’ve died of suffocation as the rope would’ve cut her oxygen supply off. The poor girl. Children need to Ben protected from this stuff like kids used to be before technology evolved.

        1. Lol, she did grab at her neck. You quickly realize it is fruitless to fight. Have you ever tried to remove a 100-120 pound object that’s hanging from a rope? Yeah….didn’t think so! It didn’t break her neck. It strangled her to death. You become unconscious quickly, then it takes 4 minutes after, of lacked oxygen to die.

        2. Lol @cuntface..you’re a moron. How would she of grabbed the rope and pulled herself back up?? That’s impossible. And her spasms are from a lack of oxygen to the brain. That does not indicate a break in the neck. She was posturing which was a clear indication of brain damage.

    3. That’s someones fucking baby like come the fuck on I’m in tears and just I’m speechless this needs to come down…. Like whoever keeps reuploading this is scum!

      1. her very last thing she did was livstream this for the world to know., removing this video would only be disrespecting HER like spitting on a grave! I agree its horrible., and very disturbing., and reeally not something any one of us would or should enjoy to watch., BUT we have no right to take HER video down of her last desperate action she felt would hopefully help the next potential young life that could be cut short!

        1. It takes a lot of guts to take life especially your own. She must’ve been so desperate and felt hopeless. I hope all you parents out there will tall to your kids and make sure they are ok. Make sure they feel loved and secured. She was just a child. She should have someone guide her and tell her that she is loved. I hope this never ever happen again.

      1. In my opinion I like all kinds of gore and extreme mental ultraviolence. But this girl doesn’t have to kill herself and anyway you guys that complain about that are stupid cause everyday you bully fat or whatelse girls(me I do that as well) but that’s not to be a real man to get in the mind of a girl the suicide. Just this she could be everyone who knows tomorrow some of you kill himself. Bless.

    4. this type of thing does not bother me in the lest i came here cause so many people were saying it is fake…there is no way this is fake the way her body was flopping around there is no way to do that while still in control of our Bodys Motor funtions

      1. I do! I can’t get enough. I just made my wife watch it. And when my kids came home from school I made them watch it. And then I went to the in – laws for Easter dinner and I synchronized my phone to their T V and made the entire family watch it. I’m going to watch it again.

    1. Look ppl there is another human life some of you are just pure heartless what if it was someone you cared about or one of your children god forbid that this was a child that thought she wasn’t cared about because of heartless ppl that thinks it’s funny to say dumb thing I am so sorry for this little girls torment I hate that no one else seen the hurt she felt why would ppl want to see another human taking life it is precious I hate the thoughts of all the ppl that sat and watched it on live me there are alot of crepe ppl and mean ones on there that say nasty stuff to little girls on there I deleted mine parents need to control what there children are doing on the phone because live me isn’t a place for little children once again I am sooo sorry for the family’s loss and I am really sorry for the nasty ppl that want to watch another human die and if they are a virgin you ppl are not human at all and I hope some god helps you realize that you should do that to another person she was just a baby .

      1. *cue starving child soldiers fighting and dying in syria* and the world doesn’t give a flipping shit.That girl is going to the pits of hell where Satan is gonna jerk off to her ass getting pounded by big throbbing devil cocks.On a side note,no one gives a shit about your opinion and viewpoints in life so stop seeking validation for them.

        1. I highly doubt she’s in heaven or hell she was a disturbed child a child that died before she hung her self you can see her blank face looking at the camera her soul still roams because she isn’t in peace be careful with the things you say you may win a ticket to the gates of hell and there sir you will be skinned alive while Lucifer jerks of to your cry and his slaves oooh they will enjoy all the holes in your body and it will not ever end for you

      2. I’m sorry why are you here watching it then. Your on the internet and you think that kids aren’t going to do these things? Wow you are delusional! It is horrible but it is reality today. She said in her video “I’m sorry you have to watch me kill myself” obviously she wasn’t sorry or she wouldn’t have filmed it live! The bottom line is your right people are F up, including you! This is what has become acceptable and receiving attention.

      3. I’m sorry why are you here watching it then! Your on the internet and you think that kids aren’t going to do these things? Wow you are delusional! It is horrible but it is reality today. She said in her video “I’m sorry you have to watch me kill myself” obviously she wasn’t sorry or she wouldn’t have filmed it live! The bottom line is your right people are F up, including you! This is what has become acceptable and receiving attention.

    1. No she killed herself she did not think twice, this is horrible I could not watch the hole video as I too have a 13 years old daughter seeing this young lady vent and cry and let her feelings of hurt out apologizing to the world broke my heart.

      1. I would like to say I have read these comments and it really make my stomaches turn to see what some of these soulless ppl have said this child hurt and she had know one she thought she could turn to but live was not place for her to go to there are mean ppl on there I hate that no one stepped up and showed this child some love I hope Boone on here ever has to loose anyone like that I will pray for the family and all of you that think this is funny live me sucks it’s not children so parents if you are reading this keep a eye on your babies there are bad ppl on live me you should be at least 18before you go to that sight and to the rest of you that have no care for the child that died well laugh now your day of judgement this is heartbreaking to me that humans are this heartless as for her mother for listening you should have either way parent stay close to babies so this might not happen to you God bless all of her loved ones

        1. YOUR ON FUCKING MISCOPY DUMBASS,A VIDEO STREAMING WEBSITE FOR BESTGORE YOU DUMB CUNT.WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THE REACTIONS WILL BE?All sunflowers and rainbows?!Casual viewers to this site come here to watch Gore,that’s basically what this website is all about.I can tell your new lmao.Why are you even on here if your here to spread SJW bullshit?this isn’t a website that caters to special snowflakes.This little 12 year old whore is just another body to the long line of decapitations and bodily mutilations found on this site.So kindly fuck off.

    2. Yes she’s really dead she tries getting out of it I saw the 40 min video and cried like u heard her mom calling her name๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

      1. Was this in her diary ?? I’m trying to find it to read up on it but can’t help me plz my daughter is now 15 and going Thur bulling at school this scares me to death!!

        1. You are such a nasty and rude person for saying such things about a 12 year old child. I hope one day when and if you grow and have children of your own, someone says something so hurtful as you are saying about this young lady to you, then you may know how your stupid comments are hurting a family that is grieving this child’s loss.

    1. It is absolutely NOT FAKE. This was my niece. And she was bullied and depressed and she is real. The pain our family is going thru is real too. I wish this shit would be removed!!!

        1. A lot off people try to kill theirself but its not the families fault. Half of the time the family doesn’t even now what’s going on with there kids when they get bullied because the kids hide it and doesnt show it. Trust me because I was like one of those kids. I didnt tell my parents i was getting bullied in school or that I was going to try to kill myself. So don’t take it out on the family because sometimes they don’t even now what’s going on.

          1. A lot of the time it’s because of their families that they do it. I know first hand my family makes me feel like a nobody.

          2. Dude the family knew what she was going through..they were part of the problem. Plus the girl was on prozac for her depression because she tried killing herself once before. Where do you think she was getting the meds?

      1. I’m so sorry for your loss, this is a young lady who could have been a great person if someone would have known what was going on and could have stopped it

      2. Fk u..she’s a little shit for not thinking twice…and fuck yous for not caring where she was at the time and now she dead…and now yo asses wants to wake up nd care๐Ÿ˜‚Useless peice of shit!

  1. Sad, a 12 year old kid with her whole life ahead of her. Over bullying? Can’t believe that. And what did she accomplish by hanging herself? Nothing really. People don’t care. “oh how sad” they’ll remark and go about their business. A wasted life.

    1. What a snowflake pussy. I wonder if her boyfriend got to penetrate her before she turned herself into a tree ornament. I bet she had a really tight pussy.

      1. Go to fucking hell you inconsiderate ass. That’s a child!!!! A young girl who was bullied and obviously affected by it! People like you are the fucking reason people think their lives doesn’t matter. You need to consider the pain that this child went through and the pain that the family is going through now. Everyone who is trash talking her after watching this are ridiculous. This was a young girl who had been through a lot and didn’t think she could do anything to change how others were treating her. That’s one of Gods children ending their lives at such a young age because people don’t know how to treat other with respect.

  2. What a coincidence that the child’s “aunt” posts on gore sites. It’s Fake and if it’s not fake then you and your family may as well blame yourselves for her death.

    1. This is not fucking fake its people like you and the ones talking about her private parts as too why she killed herself , you must also molest young family members to sit and write such nasty things or maybe you were touched as a child to sit here and actually say the things your saying is wrong and I pray god will forgive all of you who are being nasty minded

    2. How do you know her aunt posted this. This was done on an app called live.me it went on for hours. This is not the full video. This is posted by somebody who obviously took the video from off of live.me there for posted by somebody who watched her vid when she did it. They obviously found her and the divice she used to record it. Stop thinking EVERYTHING on the internet is fake. Some things are not fake. Deal with it.

  3. Katelyn was my great niece and no it was not fake, she did take her own life, and it wasn’t just because of bullying, there were also things that were going on in her house that her mother was allowing to happen. As for the asshole that said we let it happen, no we didn’t let it happen, her mother would not allow any of us to see her, probably because she knew we would find out what was really going on…so keep your idiotic comments to yourself when you don’t know the whole story.

    1. Bingo! The problem with calling it bullying is that it gives one the impression that it was all because of some schoolyard punk and not daddy and mommy or some other relative(s) at home. Forgive my bluntness but, I know that these things are usually multi-faceted and always easily blamed on the shame currently in vogue to distract from the real perpetrator(s). In these situations fear is the motivating factor to allow the statis quo or something worse could happen to the poor girl and it did. She took her life having no one to turn to and finding (in her young mind) no other way out but the path she took in her video. My heart’s filled with sorrow for her and those who truly loved her.

    2. forget these ignorant, horrible people. my heart breaks for you, it truly does. The only way you can make things whole again is to make sure the person responsible for her anguish is put in cuffs. I’m lighting a candle for her soul, and keeping her memory alive.

    3. I am sorry for this beautiful young girl.. if u new she was in trouble then there r a 10000 ways to help.. mummy and daddy wouldn’t let us see her is a load of shit and a cop-out… she needed SOMEONE.. anyone and she got fuck all.. she died alone and desperate. .. so sad

  4. very stupid and cowardly act.
    No matter what you going through, people have gone through worse and survived to succeed in life.

    clearly she was not trained well by her family for her to commit such.

    families should train their children to be strong and hopeful.

    1. Ur a fuck wit.. she was 12 years old ..having to deal with being molested and bashed and a mother that couldn’t give a fuck.. a 12 year old dosent have the mental stranght to deal with shit like that so to call a 12 yr ol weak is fucking ignorant!!!

    2. No not everyone surrenders to the same final act of this young girl. I can assure you, much worse things have happened to young individuals and they do not kill them selves. I want to understand why? What makes some people, that are victimized, sadisticly tortured physical and mentally, raped and even being sold for sexual acts come to survivorship? Some just can’t find the will to fight. Why?

      As for a he family, you too were to blame, but denial makes it easy for you to sleep at night. I hope YOU find the strength to survive your guilt.

      1. It’s called being mentally ill. They’re not in a sound mind and don’t have the capacity to make rational decisions. That combined with her age and immaturity and what she was going through. She tried reaching out for help and she had no one and no outlet to relieve the pain she was feeling. She felt that was her only choice to end the misery.

  5. PEOPLE!!! you all should stop making stupid remarks to her family. No one of us knew what was going on ore what this poor girl went trough. U should wish instead that this dosent happen to your child!!! Fucking idiots!!!!!!!

  6. It amazes me how people have such rudeness in there blood didnt your parents teach you anything as a child? Its disgust me to read such comments about such a young girl and those not ever have known what being mentally drained and emotionally done and no where to turn not everyone deals with things the same way. So for those with there rude comments here a lesson your parents should have taught you “If you dont have nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all”…..

    1. Yes. Wtf is wrong with people? This girl was only 12…did not even get a chance to really live before she took her own life. What people fail to realize is that this girl was soooo hurt, so depressed, to the point where she thought she had no way out! That is HORRIBLE. I’m praying for her family. And for all the fucking assholes being insensitive and think this is a fucking joke.

  7. Ok,how old up! Who stopped the video? No dead girl is gonna stop a video. It had to be someone out there that stopped it. Oh yeah it was the wind that stopped it. U stay live for a while so who was it? Was it just fake to prove a point ?

    1. This really wasnt fake. This video on this site here isnt the full video. People found her and the divice that was recording it. Some things on the internet you can actually believe. Not everything is fake.

      1. Aww, both you and great aunt “Cinnamon” spell “divice”, in exactly the same, wrong way. Is that a family trait, or just what happens when you make a bunch of fake screen names and can’t spell? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. it might be fake. The body was swinging in the wind for 25 minutes. 120 pounds hanging from a rope would not swing by itself even in the wind it would not happen.

    1. Are you a serial killer I think that this web site needs to look into where this message is linked from and press charges against you. People like you need not to live you are better off in a box then breathing and to sit and say a 12 year old gives you a boner let Aline speak of her private areas is sick your a sick person I pray you don’t have any kids because I fear you probably touch them as well as yourself ,it should be you hanging from that tree not that innocent 12 year old who had a rough life with the step dad kids at school her siblings she lived with and the divorce that caused all of this.

    2. What’s wrong with you dude. Don’t you know that you are going to burn for ever. I mean not to judge but…… Seriously. I will be praying for your soul. I think you seriously need help

  8. First off I am sorry for your loss. No one should have to go through that. Pavement ape shut the fuck up. All you’re doing is looking to get a rise out of people because you have nothing better to do and obviously its working. Everyone else ignore what ignorant stupid fucks say and don’t feed into it. You choose to read what he says and comment on it when all you have to do is skip him or whatever other stupid remark that you don’t like and move on. I read what he said and again he has nothing better to do than talk shit especially since it is a touchy topic. Once again I am sorry for your loss.

  9. Nigga this shit fake if this shit really happened the family wouldn’t be replying to no comments on here this is not even a reputable news sorce there are people claiming to be here family or friends on every site.

  10. i just hope you guys realize that reacting to “pavement ape” is only egging him on. dont let the gross shit get to you. she did what she did. nothing can really change that. but we can change how we see the world. noone will truly understand..until its too late.

  11. Rest In Peace Gorgeous Girl. I wish I was there to help you get thru your issues. You were soo beautiful, I just wish you could’ve saw that. I dont know you, but it breaks my heart babygirl.

  12. All those fuckers that I was in the live chat with fuck you guys u were encouraging her to kill herself. People make me sick. How would u fell if I encouraged you to kill yourself?

      1. Shut the fuck up In real life or probably a little 5 year old kid that get trashed canned everyday goes home and cyberbullies to make yourself feel better. Get a life

  13. Depression is very severe. Trust me, I’ve been there. I thought that suicide was the only solution, but it isn’t.

    You’re just ending your pain and causing much bigger pain.

    Please seek help. Suicide isn’t the only answer. I know it’s hard talking about it, but it’ll be worth it. PLEASE. PLEASE seek help.

    Call the suicide hotline @ 1-800-273-8255. You will be grateful you did.

  14. For one my condolences. For two as a person that has personally tried committing suicide; it’s very serious and it’s not cowardly. I did not try to hang myself, I cut my wrist. Completely down my forearm. My father was abusive and my mother was so high all the time that she didn’t even care. I have 7 siblings and I felt like it was better for me to leave because we were really poor and never had any food. I felt like I should eat unless everyone else ate first. I felt like it was best to just end my life. After starving myself for days. I slit my wrist and bled out. My youngest sibling found me. At the time she was 3. A few months after her 8th birthday, I was driving with her in the back seat and again I tried to kill myself. I ran my car into a lake. Where I survived and she died. After killing my sister I again tried to kill myself. And each attempt was a full commitment. I did not hesitate. I Ended up hurting everyone around me and not serving a greater purpose. The whole time this was happening I was depressed and higher than my mom. SUICIDE IS NOT PATHETIC. SUICIDE IS NOT COWARDLY. SUICIDE IS A MISTAKE.

      1. Listen “Me” If u think or funny or not. Depression is serious it causes people to do things they don’t wanna do. As a person with depression its very much serious. U may develop it over time and eventually get sick and tired of living with the pain and yes attempt suicide. THIS IS SERIOUS. You guys have no sole or heart if u think it is not. You are sorely mistaken.Just because its the internet doesn’t mean people can’t find put who you are watch what u say.

    1. Yet, You’re a beautiful., kind hearted human being., Who was young., had been though somethings that no person would ever b able to understand at a young age., You were confused., hurt., youve made a few mistakes., some more painful then others,. But sweetheart, dont hold any weight on your shoulders from your past! We learn lessons throughtout our entire life! sometimes the test pops up before we even think to study., youre wonderful. and remember we r like the finest of wines, we keep getting better the older we get! Smile

  15. my favourite part is how we’re all arguing in the comments on this vid, but the one of the columbian girl jumping from a roof only has “why cant we see the splat”

  16. Ahhh.. Suicide, the coward’s way out. Must have been some weak ass ninny thinking that was the only. Cold truth, people have gone through much more worse and still come out strong. She had no sheer determination to pull herself through. What a pathetic waste to such a life, unfortunately, a mistake she’ll never right. Teach ur kids to be motivated and not a sore quitter cuz that was thAt child was.

  17. Why don’t you people grow up this little girl went through enough and now you guys are talking about if she is a vergin why the hell does that matter this is the shit that make our children do this I’m sorry to her and her family I feel so bad

  18. I was saddened to hear and see a 12 y/o girl hang herself. I’m mad at her parents. First of all why did the parents allow her to wear make up. She’s only 12. 2nd, Bullying causes pain for life and death. 3rd Mother didn’t call for her for a long time after her death or even look for her or call the police right away. I know I would if she was my daughter. 3rd, Her stepfather should be put in jail for his continued abuse and attempted or real rapes. 4th, The story is true. I even saw her singing rap song she wrote. Is was about how she felt and how her family and friends treated her like a slut and more. There is many reputable articles from News sites on her suicide. Here is one http://coosavalleynews.com/2017/01/polk-county-teen-reportedly-broadcast-suicide-on-social-media/ <<<<click on link or copy paste it. May God bless her. RIP.

  19. On the positive note, she no love nger has to suffer depression, yes many people will be hurt because of her loss, but people need to stop thinking about themselves and realise that Yes she may be dead, but she is no longer hurting and can no longer harm herself or become a victim to many more years of life that will be torture on your mental state with confidence and self esteem.aswell as the evil democracy built on greed and warfare. God bless her soul and may she rest in peace

  20. I have never understood dumb fuck people that claim to have “tried” to kill themselves. Buy a fucking gun and a bullet ๐Ÿ’ฅ*BANG*๐Ÿ”ซ…… dead. If you’re too stupid to understand that, let me know and I’d be happy to push your off button for you. Slitting your wrists is just attention seeking.

  21. This brings me terrible memories….Thingsost of us could wish to save, to let them know…It’s saddening…some things are very misunderstood or put into the wrong place. I’m not religious do to things, but I send my regards.

  22. yawn you boring fuckwits, praying won’t do shit unless she is suddenly ressurected from the dead to go berserk on her stepdad’s abusive ass.
    Also if you’re gonna bitch about this sight please learn how to fucking use punctuation properly and not come off like a rambling moron who never finished grade school and btw this video and her other videos are good wanking material and it’s a shame she killed herself that’s some good pussy gone to waste

  23. I agree, with other rational people here. Why do we always lionize and romanticize suicide victims? From all we know so far it simply looks like some kid looking for attention and to ‘get back’ at their family by killing themselves. We don’t know what sort of abuse she had or if she’d just made it up. It could be something trivial or nonexistent. Meanwhile there are countless people in situations you should feel sorry for than some girl privileged enough to have luxuries like internet to livestream her antics and would have had men lining up at her fingertips and feminism giving her all sorts of free shit as she grew up. Stop automatically turning these people into heroes. It just makes more retarded kids want to kill themselves.

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