Milwaukee Man Brutally Beaten Allegedly for Stealing Weed

Milwaukee Man Brutally Beaten Allegedly for Stealing Weed
Milwaukee Man Brutally Beaten Allegedly for Stealing Weed

A Milwaukee man named Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro was filmed on a cell phone getting brutally beaten by his captors, allegedly for stealing weed from them.

9 thoughts on “Milwaukee Man Brutally Beaten Allegedly for Stealing Weed”

  1. He got MURDERED over supposedly stealing a bong that is definitely excessive even if he did steal ot ..& anyone who thinks that is reasonable is not mentally okay..

    1. If u look at the date, those comments saying “Good. He deserved it.”, were posted on the 3rd, which was BEFORE they reported he had DIED from his injuries. So they were thinking it was just some good-old fashioned REVENGE. The kind of revenge that was strictly ONE-ON-ONE, and once it was all over… u shook hands, squashed the issue, and left it as that. Sadly, we just dont see confrontations ending peacefully anymore. And that’s because these PUSSIES have traded NON-LETHAL FISTS… for LETHAL ASSAULT RIFLES!!! We see it on just about EVERY STREET CORNER, and definitely IN EVERY SINGLE STATE. PETTY FEUDS TURNED DEADLY… smh. 😔

  2. You do realize the man is dead right? An you do know he didn’t steal weed it was a bong an he didn’t even take it, An this nigga that tight over a fucking 30 dollar bong it’s worth someone’s life my cousin was killed over some wild shit like this no one has the right to take someone’s life delvin was a good kid you people commenting should have your kids murdered your mothers your siblings your friends not only that but humilted An have shit shoved down there throat see how you feel boy I’d Ike to see a vedio of that

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