14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide from 11th Floor in Cartagena, Colombia

14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide from 11th Floor in Cartagena, Colombia
14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide from 11th Floor in Cartagena, Colombia

A 14-year-old girl died Tuesday morning in Cartagena, after falling from the 11th floor of the Terrazas de San Sebastián residential building in the tourist sector of Marbella, north of the city.

Staff of the Cartagena emergency regulator center moved to the site to address the tragedy, and investigate whether it was a suicide or an accident.

The secretary of the Interior District, Fernando Niño, confirmed that the child was 15 years old and that he was the daughter of a Colombian mother and a foreign father.

The young woman who fell from the building was not a tourist, she came from Cartagena and lived with her parents in the apartment of the building Terrazas de San Sebastián

According to early versions, the mother of the minor would have told the paramedics that her daughter was locked up crying in her room before the insurrection.

“After an argument with her mother, she makes the unfortunate decision to jump from the eleventh floor. Urgent acts are being carried out with the prosecution, but everything indicates that she was alone in the apartment when she made the decision,” said the Metropolitan Police commander , General Carlos Rodríguez.

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  1. Kinda looked like she was having second thoughts while she was hanging there. She seemed to be kicking her feet in a way, as if she was trying to gain her footing. She was also looking up towards the roofline, as if to look for something to grasp on to to pull herself up. Both of these actions kinda made me feel like she was having second thoughts. Upon realizing it was futile, and that she was likely losing her grip, she just said, “Fuck it”, and let go.

    1. Dude, show sympathy please I am not trying to be mean but because of bulling (such as people who call her fat) she fell. Number 1, and Number 2, she had a arugment with her mom probably making her family feel worse.

      1. Yes your right all the other comments were very rude and no care for anyone but theirselves.. I think its wrong of what she did but no ine knows what her reasons were but her own.. I hope she can get to go to heaven…
        May her soul rest in heaven with the lord.

        1. God is merciful. I believe he’ll show her love and compassion unlike some foul mouthed, heartless, sorry excuse for human beings like Joe Last and Joe Dirt. May this young girl rest in peace and the two mentioned go to hell. I’m pretty sure that’s where they’ll end up.

    2. LMFAO… I’m sure there was a couple of fucking chili dogs, a half can of cream corn and a few condoms that flew out of her ass unintentionally while she was straining to climb her fat little pudgy ass up the wall.

  2. You guys are so rude. STOP CALLING HER FAT!! You didn’t know her. Just because you think that doesn’t mean it’s always okay to say it out loud. You don’t know how hard it maybe to those that 14 year old girl. She was so young. NOT EVERYTHING EVOLES AROUND YOU AND WHAT YOU THINK! The world is probably fucked up because of you guys and girls. I will pray for that girl and her family. Unlike all of you, I have a heart. One day it’s going to get you back. That’s a promise.

      1. You are such a fucking waste of a body in this world you fucking lame ass excuse of a person I hope you and your stupid ass parents get shot I’m sure your crack head ass mom is the reason you are the way you are go fuck yourself in you fucking trailer

    1. To “Fuck All Of You”
      I agree. This was a little girl. A child. I know on here everyone fights to give the “funniest” quip they can think of, but, in this instance, a little compassion could go a long way.

      1. Compassion would be doing something better than watching videos on a site like this. You can’t watch this shit and act holier than thou when others say something you disagree with. We all watched her die and will most likely watch it again so get over yourselves.

  3. That poor little girl, how terrifying to be pushed to that situation and feel it’s the only way out, my heart breaks for her, her family and friends – nothing in life should ever be that difficult that you make a decision like this!

  4. I pray that neither of the numb nuts who articulated a thinly veiled humor over the predicament of the girl in the video has to ever be faced with a similar fate. I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy! We of the civilized world call this EMPATHY. You can look it up…it’s something I believe the entire world could use more of. To the readers who expressed such, brava! You are the light of the Earth, unlike those who sit and curse (or laugh at!) the darkness!

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