Skanky African Woman Gets Gang Raped in Zambia

Skanky African Woman Gets Gang Raped in Zambia
Skanky African Woman Gets Gang Raped in Zambia

In the town of Kafue in Zambia, a skanky African woman went out with a shaven snatch and a miniskirt with no underwear to chase men to hook, but got more than she bargained for. If you swim with the sharks, expect to get bitten.

29 thoughts on “Skanky African Woman Gets Gang Raped in Zambia”

      1. Being a woman, I still don’t understand the concept of rape. If you’re under age, maybe. If you’re too shitfaced to know what’s going on, perhaps. But if you knowingly and willingly go with some dude to his pad, even though you brought your own car, on your head be it. As women, some of us have thinking, reasoning brains; it’s just too bad that we refuse to use them. I believe the woman is just as responsible for the consequences of her actions as the man is. Going with a man to his place is tacit acceptance for whatever he wants to do to you. End of discussion.

          1. Never talk to women about logical issues. They’re heads are stuck up their asses.

            75% of of all women fantasize about Rape. They’re all fucked in the head.

        1. Hmmm you’d think much differently if you were raped. Being forced against your will, no matter the circumstances…why am I even trying to talk sense into you


        2. Befoulmetalroosa:
          This woman didn’t go to any man’s house by herself. She was brutally attacked and beaten on the streets. These fucking men are disgusting pigs.
          I wish every one of them could go to jail and get gang raped up their ass!

    1. Why are you being racist? You should not hate blacks for stupid things you see on a video if that was the case then black people should hate white people because of what they did. I love all races I am black too

  1. So fucking disgusting. I would like to kill those people. I don’t care if they are black or white or whatever. It’s so sad.. Why are there people who think it’s alright to do this shit? 🙁

  2. Apparently stimulating the clit with a sneaker makes a woman cum all over herself…. not the first time I’ve heard about this.

    1. Hah… I don’t believe she came… that was bladder fluid releasing, most likely from the kick in the head. She may have seized for a bit. It’s easy to lose body fluids when you have trauma. (And NO, not cum)

      1. Thank you for the informative session on bodily functions when a human being or any living being for that matter is put through very traumatic and detrimental situations but Nah…..she definitely came LOL.

        1. Calm down Jewel… I wouldn’t want you to have a peepee accident. Don’t justify your stupidity by putting blame on your device. Remember basic phone functionality …the person in front of the device has to initiate all actions, the device just carries them out. I’m sorry but when I think of you I feel like I gotta break shit down to you like a baby.

      1. LOL… being that you’re sharing your expertise about basic anatomy Jewel, I think you’ve been misled and subconsciously instead you’re sharing your basic anatomy. When fear strikes a chord within yourself you can’t help but piss all over yourself and that’s fine everybody has their demons and shortcomings, if not we wouldn’t be on here. But please don’t share on something you have no full knowledge of… or maybe by giving you the benefit of the doubt you’re just not terming it right. Either way you’re wrong on basic anatomy. Basic anatomy is as follows: BLADDER FULL= BRAIN COMMUNICATES TO BODY TO RELIEVE. Here’s a tip if you want to sound smart finagle KLS’s response in your own words and then maybe you’ll make some sense. Then if you want you can take your simple mind a step further and look at my reply after his post and see that were talking about bodily functions in a much broader spectrum than you can probably understand. Notice at the end you’ll see I was just having fun with the subject even though what happened was traumatic to that lady. Don’t be one of the idiots on here that take people’s comments so personally. Remember we’re all on here to be a little insane and break away from sanity for a bit. It’s quite possible that you could be 1 of many that just shouldn’t be here and you’re just not fully aware of it yet.

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