Donald Trump Wants to Censor Internet, Calls Supporters of Free Speech Foolish

Donald Trump Wants to Censor Internet, Calls Supporters of Free Speech Foolish
Donald Trump Wants to Censor Internet, Calls Supporters of Free Speech Foolish

The staunch enemy of free speech Donald Trump hates the idea of informed citizenry and wants to censor the internet. He wraps it up in a noble cause of preventing ISIS from recruiting people, but he makes no attempt to hide that he supports internet censorship taken to the next level – by shutting down websites he doesn’t like. And he calls people who support freedom of speech “foolish“.

But there is a silver lining to it:

Trump sheeple worshiping their Dear Leader as God Emperor have been the most zombified drones for the establishment ever. I don’t think a way to wake someone with their head this deep up their ass has been found, but it looks like it won’t be necessary, as Dear Leader himself will do that once his internet censorship gets noticed.

24 thoughts on “Donald Trump Wants to Censor Internet, Calls Supporters of Free Speech Foolish”

    1. What did Trump say AFTER this short video was cut off? I am a first amendment advocate, but it’s also interesting that this video was kind of chopped off in mid-thought. Where is the rest of the video so we can get a more clear picture of what he was saying?

      Don’t present a snippet of a video and then claim that the person in the video is talking about this or that. That’s what CNN does, and it’s clearly biased editing to make a video appear to say something other than what was actually said. Show us the WHOLE video, and let us make up our own minds.

  1. Why you posting this old garbage when he was talking about ISIS using the internet to recruit?
    Fuck all you leftist pieces of human garbage. You all should be thrown in labor camps till you die. Fucking faggots.

    1. The puddles that form around the newly fallen began at the moment that self governance and common law failed. Humanity will always conflict with those that understand the boundaries in natural law and those of which do not. They are entitled in a weak culture by an immoral, power wielding extension of mob rule with a political correctness and a fascists agenda. The pseudo name is like affirmative action or some homophobia, it stands in a righteous indignation to force an imbalance of nature that always fails and is doomed to repeat the lessons of history. Slavery will follow anarchy. Progressives aren’t. So when those pools form around what used to be a republic, and some intellectual dares to question why it has to be so, tell that think tank it’s because they couldn’t mind their own fuckin’ business. Lyin ass piece of liberal shit.

  2. Oh please. Trump doesn’t want to “censor the internet.” He wants to put a monkey wrench into using it as an Isis recruiting tool. Don’t worry, all your porn sites and Best Gore aren’t going anywhere.

  3. I had respect for the author, but after some sheeptle videos, he is coming off as the same part of the crowd. Trump here is not saying to censor the internet watch the full speech. He said that the propaganda and fooling people on internet and posting fake news should be banned. Fake news is brain washing people and causing them to believe shit stuff like Islam is peaceful and negro is the best race etc.

    1. Fake news has already brainwashed half of America population, and the other half are just a bunch of candy ass bitches. Trump is the worst of them all. Half of the shit he says is a lie. Let’s all take a step back and realize that Trump won the election on fake news and propaganda, and is a fool his self. Censor one thing, and that opens the door to everything the people in charge don’t like, or question how stupid they are. Plus who gets to chose what gets censored or what doesn’t get censored. TRUMP? No wonder why Trump likes Putin. Censor the opposition.

      1. You are a complete moron …. you must be one of those USA sheep who believe what they see on television and read in newspapers …. Trump is probably the human race’s last chance to stop the parasites / globalists / Jews from turning everybody into cattle / Goyim !

  4. That small potatoes dude, with James ‘mad dog’ Mattis at the Defense Secretary helm jus watch the fireworks start to fly…they’ve now even given Isis predator drone clones 2 play with. Ahaha

  5. If I can no longer access this website so be it. I’ll find another way to amuse myself in the odd free moment… All I use it for is shopping for parts anyway. So I don’t really care if Muslim or democrat terrorists can’t use it

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