Worker Electrocuted by Scaffold Touching Power Lines

Worker Electrocuted by Scaffold Touching Power Lines
Worker Electrocuted by Scaffold Touching Power Lines

A scaffold is energized by being in contact with a high voltage line, inexperienced persons try to save the victim who is being electrocuted by the action of a dry chemical extinguisher.

When moving a scaffold, it is essential to carry out a risk assessment, in this case work was being carried out in the vicinity of high voltage lines. In addition to assessing the risk, the minimum separation distances required by law must be respected. A possible accident, staff training and use of adequate and certified epp, in this way this accident could have been avoided.

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15 thoughts on “Worker Electrocuted by Scaffold Touching Power Lines”

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  2. The scaffolding was made of heavy metal… I bet the guy wasn’t a fan of AC/DC after this.
    I hope he’s in heaven and not… On a highwaaay to hell.

  3. Who wants to BET that he was of Oriental descent? ……. Those Phuckers only see a 3rd of what we see. ….. May Fried-Rice Rest In Peace!

  4. Odd how all the warnings come AFTER the human lantern video. Also, this is the FOURTH seperate instance of this SAME EXACT ACCIDENT. WhthFu

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