Christine Chubbuck Suicide Footage – July 15, 1974

Christine Chubbuck Suicide Footage - July 15, 1974
Christine Chubbuck Suicide Footage - July 15, 1974

Christine Chubbuck was a news reporter with WTOG and WXLT-TV. On July 15, 1974, she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head with a revolver during live broadcast. She said:

In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts’, and in living color, you are going to see another first—attempted suicide.

Her suicide video was scrapped from the surface of the world, but suddenly reappeared in 2017, so here it goes.

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43 thoughts on “Christine Chubbuck Suicide Footage – July 15, 1974”

  1. If the bullet didn’t kill her that wwf thud off the desk probably finished that cunt off….I don’t know for a fact she was a cunt I just taking a shot in the dark

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  2. I am always amazed at seeing the force of gravity upon a body that has just ceased to live. It is almost like you couldn’t fall that fast if you tried to. People that shoot themselves in the head always drop like stones.

    1. Yes, a bullet to the brain kind of flips the switch in a speedy and terminal way. I think SWAT-snipers, and other butchers of the same kind, aim for the brain-stem for the exact same purpose. They “pop” and you drop.

    2. That is because, while you are alive, you have motor control and synapses in your head that unconsciously prevent you from hitting the ground, no matter how much you try – test it out now by raising you arm then try just to let it drop and you will find that no matter how hard you try, your arm will always fall at a relatively slow speed. Once you die, there is nothing to stop you from simply smacking the ground.

  3. Wait didn’t another news lady do this because i remember seeing something similar to this in color and video was in good quality like in the 80’s or 90’s hell it might have been on best gore help me out if anyone knows what I’m talking about

    1. Yeah [email protected] movie howling

  4. Wow I thought I never see it but not HD And Color but This will do Internet is like a time travel shit anyway whoever posted it good revolver job

  5. I thought this video would be in color since color film was widely used by news media by 1974 and she even mentions color just before she shot herself.

    1. Yo digo que debe ser porque no es algo filmado amigo mio, es algo que estaba en una cinta de las cámaras antiguas… esto es lo básico original como se ve la imagen original, si es falso esta muy bien pensado, si estuviera a color rápidamente me daría cuenta que es falso.

  6. The audio may be real but the footage is clearly fake, reports always said that the main cameraman spotted the guy and turned the camera off just before she shot herself

    1. For you dumb ass catagoizers who think the world falls into labels and slots, and that milenials know NOTHING about the hard times or ANYTHING in the 70’s, the original was definitely in color. Color transition in news broadcasting started happening as early as 1965. This video, although done almost perfectly, is fake.

  7. I saw the real video years ago before it was pulled. This is indeed the real footage. Happened back in ’74, still find it terribly sad.

  8. Ah! The 70s!! When Dahmer, Bundy, Ed, Luca and other such holy men roamed the face of the earth. Gotta miss them now. Jesus!

  9. Faaaaaaaake. Live witnesses say she slumped over slowly and her body quivered before her head dropped to the desk and fell to the floor.

  10. Personally, I appreciate this attempt, because for a lot of young folk, this is the first any have heard of Christine, making it REALLY believeable. When I had first heard of this story a few years back, I called my grandma to ask lol. She was living in California at the time, so obviously didn’t see the cast itself, but at least verified that everything had been in color by ’74. I’ve read on other sites since the “resurface” of this video, and a lot of claims about original camera angles were made, saying that the original show was a lot closer.

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