Female Cop Kills Robber at Gas Station in Uruguaiana, Brazil

Female Cop Kills Robber at Gas Station in Uruguaiana, Brazil
Female Cop Kills Robber at Gas Station in Uruguaiana, Brazil

A military police officer off duty reacted to a robbery at a gas station and killed a criminal in the Rio Grande do Sul municipality of Uruguaiana.

The brigadiana was at the Conesul post, on the banks of the BR-472, at around 10 pm Saturday (12), when the crime occurred.

According to the Military Brigade, two criminals announced the robbery and aroused the reaction of the brigadiana, who was behind the counter of the fentistas and waited the right moment to act. Realizing the bandits were distracted, she drew her pistol and fired at the assailants.

One of the criminals was shot in the chest and died. He was identified as Arancibio Ara├║jo Fioravante Neto, known as “Uncle”, 33 years old. He had a number of criminal records and was under house arrest.

The other assailant fled and was not found by the Military Brigade. He was not injured.

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