Robber Survives Shootout with Police, His Three Mates Die

Robber Survives Shootout with Police, His Three Mates Die
Robber Survives Shootout with Police, His Three Mates Die

The images show the result of police harassment of four middle-class youths who attempted to rob a gas station in the municipality of Mogi das Cruzes, in São Paulo, on the 9th.

There were shots exchanged and three of them ended up dead. A quarter shot, aged 19, has survived and remains hospitalized. Like the other suspects, he lived in a luxury condominium in the city.

According to Deic’s deputy, Alexandre Dias, a police team from the car theft investigation division gathered at the post to start an operation around 8:45 p.m. When the four suspects arrived they did not realize that the group were civilian police, because they were with demeaned vehicles and normal clothes.

Still according to the deputy, the suspects approached the dealer and announced the assault. Second Days, they got to get $ 300 from the station. The station official was able to warn police.

Car was damaged after attempted escape

At the police station, police said they saw two men on foot. They reported that they identified and asked them to stop.

The suspects did not obey and fired at the police, according to the statement. Upon hearing the shots, the policemen who were at the convenience came out. They picked up a car to pick up the suspects.

Also according to the bulletin of occurrence, in the Street Sidereal Sidney Silva Rocha, the policemen saw the suspects entering a car parked. The car closed the vehicle. According to police, the suspects fired again and the police retaliated.

According to police, the suspects tried to flee and hit a bucket. They made another maneuver and, according to the bulletin of occurrence, tried to reach the police who were standing with the car. The youngsters then entered Gonçalves Ferreira Street and hit a pole in the central bed, bursting a tire.

As they approached the vehicle, the policemen saw the four suspects shot. Three died on the spot. One was rescued by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) and referred to the Luzia de Pinho Melo Hospital where he remains hospitalized.

According to the police, there was a second car parked on Sidney da Silva Rocha Street. As the car approached, this vehicle ran off. The police could not identify how many suspects were in the car.

The deic delegate also informed that before the occurrence of the post, they had robbed another establishment in Mogi in the neighborhood of Mogilar. From this place, they took $ 130. Then they went to another post in the same neighborhood, but when they saw a police car left the place.

According to the police report, police seized six guns, five of them police officers, a 38-caliber revolver with shaved numbers and 4 grams of marijuana. The case was registered as robbery, simple homicide, resistance and infraction for robbery and resistance in the 2nd Police District.

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