CV Inmate Stabbed to Death in Brazilian Prison

CV Inmate Stabbed to Death in Brazilian Prison
CV Inmate Stabbed to Death in Brazilian Prison

Video from prison in Brazil shows a man, allegedly a member of Comando Vermelho, getting stabbed to death.

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56 thoughts on “CV Inmate Stabbed to Death in Brazilian Prison”

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    2. i was there at the time of this guys murder and i seen what went on , after video ended he was still alive but unable to feel is body due to all the stabs he got . but his eyes where stabbed out and his ears cut off . also his face was almost peeled off , after that he give up and died . it just shows how much a body can take . all i can say is he was weak and was involved in the wrong gang , everyone knows when in prison you must protect yourself at all times , he was a stupid fool that lived in a dream world .

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  3. As someone said would have been better/worse had it been much higher quality video, and if we could have seen it a minute or so earlier. The beheading is nothing if he is dead or unconscious, but the stabbing and screaming was brutal.

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