Young Palestinian Man Killed by Israeli Parasite in Hawara

Young Palestinian Man Killed by Israeli Parasite in Hawara
Young Palestinian Man Killed by Israeli Parasite in Hawara

A Palestinian human was killed by an Israeli parasite in Hawara village, south of Nablus. A parasite did what parasites do.

22 thoughts on “Young Palestinian Man Killed by Israeli Parasite in Hawara”

  1. Yeah, they’ve fucked with those people for far too long…… it’s going to get real interesting for Isreal 20 to 30 years down the road after the USA defaults and the Dollar is worth less than the cotton it’s printed on.

    1. In biology and medicine, the parasite keep on sucking on the host till host falter or expire. The irony is the same ending will happen to the parasite too!

  2. Outstanding job! If anyone knows when Israel built their wall/fence just a few years ago the suicide bombing that killed thousands almost completely stopped! It is proof that it works. You want peace? Kill every Palestinian and radical Muslim in the world! You will not have 100% peace but you will see a massive difference!!

    1. Want fries with that manure? First, all of the suicide attacks on Israel amounted to 805 dead – not thousands. Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians are murdered by Israelis every year & thousands more abducted & imprisoned. For fuck’s sake, throwing rocks while Palestinian can get you YEARS in prison!

      And so everybody is clear, this illegal settler drove into a protest willingly, THEN ran OVER multiple people, BEFORE shooting once the IDF thugs arrive to keep him safe.
      All of this happened IN PALESTINE. Not Israel.

      And the latest – the ambulance that blocked the road, & a bus that allegedly transported the protesters to the site in their own land, have been seized (stolen). Both drivers arrested also, I believe.

      1. Destroy every Palestinian man women and children. Destroy all of their animals, destroy all of their belongings and keep nothing. Also all radical Muslims from the face of the Earth. You can not negotiate with these people they will never change, they have become reprobates. So the only way is absolute destruction!

        1. The world is waking up to the jew. 5,000 years of lies, and you are still losing the war on truth. We know who is the problem, and it will be dealt with accordingly. The time is nigh. The world will be cleansed, and the people will finally know peace.

          1. True the world is waking up to the Jew and see they are the blessed and chosen people of God that is why people hate them it is out of jealousy! Once again you are correct the world will be cleansed and the people will finally know peace when the Jews and their supporters are the last ones standing!

          2. @Rosar. Seriously, you are trolling?!? The Jews are only blessed in their own written Jew-bible – by their own imaginary Jew-Yahveh – and his fictional son Jew-Jesus. This is not a true blessing, it is just propaganda and self-produced public relations from a 2000 years old book of fairytales. Even old bullshit is pure bullshit and old fairytales don’t become reality, unless you are in a state of a delusional psychosis. Read the Talmud and you will see that Jewish religion is as bad as Islam or the genocidal Catholic belief system. And I myself don’t put one religion above the other. I think they all are just different perspectives of the one and same insanity and I wish them all an urgent recovery.

        2. And there it is: somehow, all Palestinians are equal to radical Islamists & Jews are the victims. You don’t even spare their animals – real nice show of “chosen” behavior.
          See, I have no problem with Jewish people. I have a problem with the occupation. I have a problem with apartheid. You can’t see past your own upturned nose to know what’s actually happening around you.
          All told, your posts are a fantastic view of the Zionut mind – greedy, simple, violent, self-involved. No better than any other extremist, period. Just another nut. Congrats.

    2. Wrong.
      The problem is people like you,without a damn brain.
      How Can you say something like
      Jews always play the victim ones,but they’re the problem.
      Fuck the jews and you.
      Hitler rulez

    1. I think they’ve made a mockery of all other websites news/blog/vlog whatever, they’re desperate to defile a virgin site but, fucked up by landing here.

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