Man Takes Beating After Falling Off Moving Train

Man Takes Beating After Falling Off Moving Train
Man Takes Beating After Falling Off Moving Train

A man tried to get off a moving train, but fell into the gap between the train and the platform, and took a bit of beating as the train continued to move. Still he appears to be moving.

15 thoughts on “Man Takes Beating After Falling Off Moving Train”

  1. Serves him well. …. See what happens when you try to ” RIDE for FREE ” in this world? …. Fucking GOOK had to learn the hard way. …… May he live a long prosperous Life being HALF the man he used to be. I wish him well finding a matching Peg-arm to his Peg-Leg. ARRRRRHHHH.

  2. The caption reads- Man takes beating after falling off moving train. And I’m thinking oh no this is going to be bad. I am very disappointed!! I was expecting to see a gang of thugs come up to him and beat him half to death for whatever reason for falling off the train. Now that would have been crazy. But just another same old train video!!

  3. I just heard from confirmed sources that Mr. Chang choo min is doing very well, he had his first crispy Peking duck in the hospital where he’s being treated for the beating, surrounded by glamorous looking Chinese nurses!

    1. Don’t cly my little gook fliend. On this site you find a lot of hals humol and you shouldn’t let it hult youl national plide ol take it pelsonal.

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