GCM Guards Shot by Jewelry Shop Robber in Rio Preto, Brazil

GCM Guards Shot by Jewelry Shop Robber in Rio Preto, Brazil
GCM Guards Shot by Jewelry Shop Robber in Rio Preto, Brazil

A shootout in the morning of this Saturday (15) ended in death and wounded in the Center of São José do Rio Preto (SP). Among the wounded are two municipal guards and the shooting happened after a robbery to a jewelry store and watchmaking that is in Siqueira Campos street. (See the video above)

Police confirmed that the victim who died was a person who passed by and was eventually shot. The victim is a 17-year-old student. The thieves fled and the police search to locate them.

According to the Municipal Guard, a person warned the guards about a move in the watch shop and the guards went to the scene to see what was happening. They were then surprised by the armed robber outside. The guards were not armed.

The injured city guards are a man and a woman. The woman was shot in the stomach and taken to the Base Hospital where she undergoes surgery. Her condition is stable. The man was taken to Santa Casa and there is still no information on the state of health.

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9 thoughts on “GCM Guards Shot by Jewelry Shop Robber in Rio Preto, Brazil”

  1. Fucken pathetic, Mr lookout needs some practice, even walking right up to them with an assault rifle he still wasn’t able to score any kill shots

      1. It’s odd that they stood there S. O. S. Like “Hey, what are going to do with that assault rifle young man”?…. Hey!…. U sthtop!….. U sthtoppit!….. Ouch!.. That hurts!… U put a hole in my new sthpandex , u bastard! 😂😂😂…. Again, wtf were they holstering??

  2. Wtf! Cagney and Lacey get blasted but the priority is to check if the bell on the handlebars is still working…..

    1. He stumbled to his bike in an attempt to straighten the front wheel, his supervisor will have his ass when he gets to the scene and sees the bike was parked out of compliance to unit policy.

  3. Most armed and trained people would have been gunned down as well in the above situation, maybe some seals, rangers or Spetsnaz could’ve survived. Biggest mistake was was riding in on bikes in fucking spandex… sort of like wearing a billboard ‘shoot me first!’

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