Feminism Has Nothing of Value to Offer, So Proponents Seek Attention Through Extreme Behavior

Feminism Has Nothing of Value to Offer, So Proponents Seek Attention Through Extreme Behavior
Feminism Has Nothing of Value to Offer, So Proponents Seek Attention Through Extreme Behavior

Feminism has absolutely nothing of value to offer, so in their desperate quest for validation and attention, the proponents can do the only two thing women are capable of – take off their clothes and pull horse faces.

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83 thoughts on “Feminism Has Nothing of Value to Offer, So Proponents Seek Attention Through Extreme Behavior”

      1. The truth is, Smurf was on vacation in Spain, he got lil inebriated there, he was in a state of confusion so he started taking his clothes off in street thinking he was on the nudists beach! Those chicks were confused too they got excited too and started to do just the same till they realized how huge disappointment he was! They had to vent their anger and disappointment at him.

      1. Koke- The one on the far right front is white but looks like a monkey you can have her. Flip already got the fat black one!

          1. No ROsar doesnt recieve anal, pretty sure she has a massive black dildo for you koke

          2. Biggus dicksuk-dont be mad just cuz rosar told u that ur tge only black guy with micro cock and just aint doing it any more and thats y she has dildos bigger then urs dick

          3. she does have dildos bigger than any dick – human or animal, and has the videos to prove it

  1. Feminism is a Jewish invention, like communism, satanism, liberalism and every other -ism you can think of. Yes, even nazism. This is probably a rent-a-crowd, another jewish invention, because we know what real feminists look like: rude and obese manhaters, with short, dyed hair and glasses.

    1. Like you bro? Rosar, I consider you to be a sexless alien trapped in a porn star’s body, yet skilled in the art of dildos.

  2. You guys don’t need to worry! This is the 2nd of 3 videos. In the 1st video they have been led off the train. In the 3rd video they are being led into the ovens!

      1. Rosar, that is incorrect. Torado is using a lot of slang that I can’t quite make out, but I will try to translate. She starts off making a joke about this being the band, The Bare Naked Ladies. She goes on to point out that you are the one with mule hairs down there. She said something about being surprised to see that you left your house. In the last part she vows that if she catches you in her hood, you had better run, because she has a noose and a revolver with your name on it. I hope that this has been helpful.

  3. Nice to see hairy pussy is making a comeback…. Back in the day I remember my balls getting spider legged by those fuzz muffins…. Kinda like a whale getting wrapped up by a giant squid..

  4. Dear guys
    That is called the PRIMAL SCREAM.
    Let out all the hate, fear and frustration, that you, O Male Person, has caused them throughout the centuries. It is YOU that has held them back, been responsible for their pain etc. All men are bastards.

    How liberating and cathartic it is to do the Primal Scream.

      1. ^or any female for that matter… and probably also all the farm animals that you have raped over the waste decades of your useless life

  5. What took them so long to finally make a coherent argument? Now I get it.
    Seriously, these people have a collective mental disorder. It is called Trump Derangement Syndrome. They don’t have a fucking clue about what the rest of the world is about. They have lived coddled fucking lives and if it were up to me, I stuff everyone single one of them into a burka and fly them to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter. And while they are thirsty, hungry, and getting fucked in the ass, they can do their screaming thing for real. Stupid fucking idiots, every single one of them.

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