Hot Russian Native Taken for Ride in Motorcycle Sidecar

Hot Russian Native Taken for Ride in Motorcycle Sidecar
Hot Russian Native Taken for Ride in Motorcycle Sidecar

A hot Russian piece of ass was taken for a ride in a motorcycle sidecar and grabbed all the attention.

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  1. I don’t know why the guy filming this keeps trying to order a ham biscuit, but it appears that this town has a bear as its mayor. He has an entourage, and he keeps waving at his adoring fans. It’s a good thing that he didn’t vow to shatter the KGB into a thousand pieces, because if he had, then we would have seen his brain matter splattered across the back of that sidecar.

  2. The first thing usually come to mind when someone say “Hot Russian Native” is
    a leggy and/or busty blond ready to board a plane from Russia to fly to the US as a catalogue Bride! Ask Smurf, he has married a few Hot Russian Natives in his lifetime!

    1. That’s true, but they turned out to be actual bears as well. It wasn’t as bad as you would think. You just rub a little honey down there,and let them go to town on your beehive.

    1. Alice, you are correct. The police arrested him on two separate charges. First, they had recently revoked the right to bear arms. Secondly, he was a brown bear. Need we say more?

  3. My favorite porn site is bearly legal. I’ve seen this same female bear on there before she’s hot, just needs to learn to shave down there a little bit though. She does look great bear chested I got to hand that to her. I won some contest talking about a possum and got to have sex with her- I road her bear back. I like it rough don’t get me wrong but when I did her missionary style and she dug her nails in my back that was too much. During the blow job the licking was the best I ever had but during sucking a little to much teeth. I’m a guy and got long blonde hair and for some reason she kept saying fuck me harder goldie locks. It was hard to bear seeing her go!

  4. I was waiting for the bear to snap and rip that driver to shreds while they wrecked and a burning bear goes on to atack other drunk Russian’s until he burns to death 💀 but I guess a cute little bear on Sunday drive is just as good on gore site thanks mark

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