Man Inserts Earthworm Into Penis Pee Hole

Man Inserts Earthworm Into Penis Pee Hole
Man Inserts Earthworm Into Penis Pee Hole

Best Gore member Al008 likes to apply earthworms to his manhood, and insets them into the pee hole.

79 thoughts on “Man Inserts Earthworm Into Penis Pee Hole”

  1. Rosar,
    You really have gone the extra inch just to prove how horny you are! You are tragically so weird beyond any reasonable doubt. The question here is are you fucking the worm or is the worm fucking you! Either way you both belong to the same specie!

  2. I must admit., I’ve never ever ever never thought of doing little tiny miniscule iddy biddy mini worms into my cockadoodledoo., Now if you were going to put up another video showing a garden 🐍 snake entering the one way canal., Now that would get everyone’s attention. Btw, is it just me or does pulling it out kinda defeats the purpose.

  3. hmm, since you’re already inserting shit into your man-gina, you should have atleast inserted a Centipede, now that would be worth posting here, otherwise, that worm is just as small as your dick, that’s why it can’t crawl all the way inside.

  4. Hannah: Gran, if this guy were a fishing enthusiast and was able to ejaculate worms from his rotten penis to use on his fish hooks, what word can you use to describe him?

    Grannyfister : idk…..”MASTER-BAITER?”…

      1. Aloo = Potato. is that where you found the worm? Its a muslim cultural thing they fuck anything with/without a pulse. This is a fact i learned 95% Of muslim mens 1st sexual encounter is with another male or animals basically because they’re not allowed to hang around with women. Good thing too we wouldn’t ever see losers like this putting worms in his dick. Btw you need a bigger dick or smaller worm

  5. FOLKS. ….. BD is in the Hospital. ….. His mom called & said. …… BD went swimming & A worm crawled up his Pee-Pee, He’ll be out of commission till she can get him his Notebook. ….. I asked, What’s his skin complexion? …. She replied He’s a Light skinned Nigger. …. Well, Now we know why he has his obsessions with cocks. From now on, We’ll call him ….. INCH WORM!

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