Car Plows Into Protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia

Car Plows Into Protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia
Car Plows Into Protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia

In Charlottesville, Virginia, a car plowed into a crowd of protesters responding to the peaceful gathering of white nationalists with hate and intolerance. Multiple people were injured and one person killed, according to Charlottesville Police.

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  1. Pretty sure all those white supremacists voted for Trump. When will this country unite? My heart hurts for the racism and hatred that exists amongst my kind. Please, Father, open the flood gates and drown us all.

  2. This clip was filmed in undisclosed location in the United States of Brazil.
    Onlookers and demonstrators alike were armed with machetes, knifes, swords, fire arms and petrol pumps!
    It was still considered as a peaceful demonstration in that faraway country!

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