Woman Cut in Half by Train Filmed as Train Continues to Move Over Her Body

Woman Cut in Half by Train Filmed as Train Continues to Move Over Her Body
Woman Cut in Half by Train Filmed as Train Continues to Move Over Her Body

Video from undisclosed location shows a woman cut in half by train as the train continues to move over her halved body.

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75 thoughts on “Woman Cut in Half by Train Filmed as Train Continues to Move Over Her Body”

        1. O, and Rosar, I don’t have skin whitening dreams! I only have bed sheet whitening wet dreams when i dream of your wife in the shower sucking my cherry and palpating my goolies!

          1. Twizz,
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  1. Not a lot of blood inside her, also she seems to tidily placed – like the train has cut her and then sat each half of her perfectly flush with the line…

      1. Marilyn Manson?! Horrible description-hardly
        How do you know did you cut her open you idiot! (?)

        Don’t be a retard ya retard!!

      1. Got that right, Rosar. I was busy with the other post about the guy who was macheted. Dang. I’ve missed Smurf … and you and Gran and Kev and Hoof and everybody. And now … I think I’m going to have to start with Twiz, too. HAPPY SUNDAY !!!

  2. So she either commit suicide or had the incredible bad luck of tripping just as the train was coming. She looks young, my guess she choose suicide over an arranged marriage.

    1. I gotta stop drinking while reading your post at the same time, developing a drinking problem…. Spillin’ mah yak.. Ha!

  3. 🎼🎶Big wheels keep on rollin’,….. TRAINDI-A, keep on rollin,…. Rollin’ ,…. Rollin’,….. Rollin’ on Sachin da! 🎶

  4. Almost every day now a new fucking train video from india. At least give them some heroin so they can suicide in peace instead of pieces.

  5. What is the attraction with indians to trains. When shopping for body parts in heaven they ask to see the brain rack, but because no fucker understands them god must think they said train track.

  6. I amazed they reckon there religious you don’t see anyone giving her the last rights

    2. no one pulls her trousers down for the ass shot which they must Be there to see! with the camera phones

    The Crack is (oh dear ) , no one has the bottle to do it.

  7. Fucking stupid little brown people. Don’t know to stay off the damn tracks when the freight monster rolls into view

  8. I bet one of those monkeys are caught fucking her dried cold corpse in the morgue.
    Either that or throwing acid on it and sticking a bottle up her vagina…
    Whatever is the Middle East coming to nowadays?

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