Corpse of Decapitated Man Found in San Blas Suffrage Station, Mexico

Corpse of Decapitated Man Found in San Blas Suffrage Station, Mexico
Corpse of Decapitated Man Found in San Blas Suffrage Station, Mexico

The dead body of a decapitated person was located during the morning of Monday, under the Sufragio Station bridge, belonging to the San Blas branch office, El Fuerte.

It should be mentioned that on the train tracks of the railway station was on one side the body on the second rail the severed head.

The first report to the 911 emergency number was that the victim had been wounded by the train, however when they arrived at the place, prosecutors found some evidence that could determine that he was murdered in another area and placed on ways pretending that it had been because of the heavy machine his death.

The area was sheltered and cordoned off by municipal, state and ministerial elements while experts and the Hercules group of the Attorney General’s Office in the northern area carried out the work of law.

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