Crippled Man Found Dismembered in Suitcase

Quarterly staller appears in shotgun photographs and swore allegiance to the CCP. Police have already identified quartered as Janderson Monteiro da Silva The first information about the man who had his body cut into pieces and left in a suitcase at Rua Palmeira do Miriti, in the district of Industrial District 2, East Zone of … Continue reading “Crippled Man Found Dismembered in Suitcase”

Car Accident in Cuiaba, Brazil Ends in Decapitation

Video from the city of Cuiabá in Mato Grosso, Brazil shows the aftermath of a fatal car accident in which a driver was decapitated. His headless body hangs out of the vehicle, while the severed head rolled down the road.

The Recompense of the Traitors 2 – ISIS Video Showing Multiple Executions

New ISIS Video from Kirkuk in Iraq titled “The Recompense of the Traitors 2” features the executions of four groups of people by multiple methods, including by beheading, and gunshots from pistols and M4 rifles.