Member of Popular Mobilization Units Walks with Severed Head of ISIS Fighter in Tal Afar, Iraq

Video from Tal Afar in Iraq shows a member of Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) walking while carrying a severed head of an alleged ISIS fighter in his hand.

Corpse of Decapitated Man Found in San Blas Suffrage Station, Mexico

The dead body of a decapitated person was located during the morning of Monday, under the Sufragio Station bridge, belonging to the San Blas branch office, El Fuerte. It should be mentioned that on the train tracks of the railway station was on one side the body on the second rail the severed head. The … Continue reading “Corpse of Decapitated Man Found in San Blas Suffrage Station, Mexico”

Corpse with Cut Off Head and Hands Found in Brush in Para, Brazil

One more dead found in the neighborhood by sunset. They cut their necks and hands. According to information he was a resident of the sunset. According to information would be linked to involvement with trafficking by subtraction of drugs from comparsas. Google translate ^^