The Recompense of the Traitors 2 – ISIS Video Showing Multiple Executions

New ISIS Video from Kirkuk in Iraq titled “The Recompense of the Traitors 2” features the executions of four groups of people by multiple methods, including by beheading, and gunshots from pistols and M4 rifles.

Fat ISIS Pig Carries Out Public Beheading by Sword

Video released by ISIS that’s raw and uncensored, unlike the films that went through post production in Tel Aviv, shows the fat ISIS butcher carrying out the public beheading of a man by sword.

ISIS Video Showing POV Assassinations and Two Executions

Video released by ISIS shows the POV of mujaheddin assassinating people with silenced weapons. At the end, two men are executed, one by beheading.

Execution of Iraqi General by ISIS

Video released by the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) shows the mujaheddin executing multiple men – one by beheading, and an Iraqi general is shown being executed with a volley of gunfire.

The Secret of the Hypocrites – Three Men Executed by Boko Haram

Video titled “The Secret of the Hypocrites” released by Boko Haram shows the mujaheddin executing three alleged government spies – one by beheading, two by shot in the head.

Murder of White Man David Kassick by Female Cop Lisa Mearkle

In Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, a Dauphin County female cop named Lisa Mearkle tasered an unarmed white man on the ground repeatedly, while screaming at him to “stop moving!“. Finally, she shot David Kassick fatally in the back twice while still tasing him. She was acquitted of the murder charge by the jury when prosecution failed to … Continue reading “Murder of White Man David Kassick by Female Cop Lisa Mearkle”

Each Lesson Considerable 2 – ISIS Video Featuring Execution by Gun

Video released by ISIS media wing Wilayat Halab group is title “Each Lesson Considerable 2” and featured the execution of a captured man with a gunshot to the head.

Beheading of PKK Apostates in Raqqa, Syria by ISIS

Video released by ISIS shows the mujaheddin executing by beheading two PKK men accused of apostasy. The killers made the victims suffer by slashing their throats, but not carotid arteries to ensure they don’t bleed out too fast. The video was filmed in Ar Raqqa, Syria.