Woman Hits Man in Face with Cane, Man Feeds Woman Chair

Video from what may be the USA shows a woman hit a man in the face with a cane, to which the man responds by taking her out with a chair. A group of dickless white knights step in to cuck for the women, but the man still succeeds in feeding the fat bitch wood.

Woman Beats Man on Street Next to Port in Veracruz, Mexico

Video from the port in Veracruz, Mexico shows a fat woman beating a man with a club in broad daylight on a street. None of the Mexican cucks intervene, but would poop their pants in the roles were reversed. Sick misandry and female privilege everywhere.

Mangina Cucks Assault Guy Without Questioning If Woman Could Be Wrong

Video from undisclosed location, but presumably Honduras, shows a trio of pussy whipped loser mangina cucks assault a guy for squaring up with a woman, without questioning if the woman could be in the wrong. That’s how it goes when you’re a fucking dickless cuck.

White Knights Roll In When Skank Trying to Land Cheap Shot Gets Denied Pussy Pass

Watch the absolutely pathetic, pussy whipped white knighting eunuchs roll in on the guy who merely defended himself when a skank tried to land a cheap shot at him. But what beautifully poetic and righteous denial of pussy pass by the guy.