Security Guards Beat the Shit out of Homeless Man with Batons

Images of a security camera show an aggression to a homeless person in Porto Alegre. The case occurred last Saturday afternoon (31), in front of the Zaffari supermarket on Avenida Cristóvão Colombo, in the Floresta neighborhood (see video above). The images show three men dressed in black clothes and boots, leaving the Zaffari parking lot. … Continue reading “Security Guards Beat the Shit out of Homeless Man with Batons”

Resident Attacks Female Janitor in Espírito Santo, Brazil

A video taped by internal security cameras shows the moment when a 43-year-old janitor is attacked by a resident of a building in Praia do Canto, in Victoria. The assault happened on Thursday (29), around 4pm. The resident was detained and the victim is hospitalized in the Hospital San Lucas, aware. According to witnesses, the … Continue reading “Resident Attacks Female Janitor in Espírito Santo, Brazil”

Female Cop Fails at Policing and Gets Beat by Guy in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Video from Três Corações in Minas Gerais, Brazil depicts the incompetence of a female cop who gets her ass handed to her by some guy. She’s rescued by white knights, which is exactly what one would expect from a pussy whipped country like Brazil. On, the incompetence of female cops has been well documented.