Post Election Violence in Honduras

Honduras bet on November 26 to an unprecedented and atypical electoral process. Ten political forces were confronted by the seizure of power, in two well-marked tendencies: an ultraconservative right represented in the National Party and a left center represented by the Opposition Alliance and the Liberal Party. The country comes from an electoral vocation since … Continue reading “Post Election Violence in Honduras”

Brazilian Female Thief Punished by Having Her Hand Shot with Gun

Video from Brazil shows a female thief being punished by having her hand shot at with a gun. This is the first time we see a woman being punished this way, after seeing countless videos of men taking this type of punishment.

CCTV of Machete Assault on Pharmacist in Zefta, Egypt

CCTV video from a pharmacy in Zefta, Egypt shows a group of thugs assault the pharmacist with machetes, and ransack his business. One also sported a shotgun, but it looks like they just wanted to scare him, and not kill him.