CCTV from Restaurant in Paris Showing Machete Attack on Sri Lankan Man

A 35-year-old man was scalped by two attackers who also cut a hand and an arm on Monday night at a Parisian restaurant. Two hooded individuals armed with a saber and a machete ripped off a man’s scalp before cutting his hand and arm in a Parisian restaurant on Monday, according to RTL news confirmed … Continue reading “CCTV from Restaurant in Paris Showing Machete Attack on Sri Lankan Man”

Kid Gets His Arm Chopped Off Inside Muddy Hole

Police and military firefighters are carrying out searches in the mangrove and mouth of the CearĂ¡ River (west of Fortaleza) this afternoon, in an attempt to locate the bodies of three young men who were tortured, killed and decapitated by bandits of the faction criminal State Guardians (GDE) last week. Yesterday afternoon (5), rumors that … Continue reading “Kid Gets His Arm Chopped Off Inside Muddy Hole”

Post Election Violence in Honduras

Honduras bet on November 26 to an unprecedented and atypical electoral process. Ten political forces were confronted by the seizure of power, in two well-marked tendencies: an ultraconservative right represented in the National Party and a left center represented by the Opposition Alliance and the Liberal Party. The country comes from an electoral vocation since … Continue reading “Post Election Violence in Honduras”

Brazilian Female Thief Punished by Having Her Hand Shot with Gun

Video from Brazil shows a female thief being punished by having her hand shot at with a gun. This is the first time we see a woman being punished this way, after seeing countless videos of men taking this type of punishment.