ISIS Video of Assault on Marawi Prison in Philippines and Release of Detainees

ISIS in the Philippines has launched an assault on Marawi prison and released detainees held there. President Duterte declares martial law in the south of the country.

Some Jew Pretending to Be Muslim Posts Video About Manchester Attack

This video appeared on the internet just hours after the alleged attack in Manchester Arena. It shows an apparent Jew dressed up as Muslim praising the bombing and threatening more attacks.

The Recompense of the Traitors 2 – ISIS Video Showing Multiple Executions

New ISIS Video from Kirkuk in Iraq titled “The Recompense of the Traitors 2” features the executions of four groups of people by multiple methods, including by beheading, and gunshots from pistols and M4 rifles.

Two Men Tied Up and Blown Up by Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Isn’t it interesting that all ISIS videos are released by Mossad, and their alleged agencies that produce these professionally filmed and edited videos don’t even have a website, and the videos are never released to Muslim sympathizers, but instead Israeli intelligent assets, like Rita Katz always release them?

Fat ISIS Pig Carries Out Public Beheading by Sword

Video released by ISIS that’s raw and uncensored, unlike the films that went through post production in Tel Aviv, shows the fat ISIS butcher carrying out the public beheading of a man by sword.

ISIS Video Showing POV Assassinations and Two Executions

Video released by ISIS shows the POV of mujaheddin assassinating people with silenced weapons. At the end, two men are executed, one by beheading.