Security Guard Gets Into Shootout with Two Robbers

CCTV video presumably from Brazil shows a par of robbers wearing motorcycle helmets enter a business, but a security guard stationed inside was not having any of their shit and engaged them in a shootout. I don’t know what happened to the guard, but both robbers seem to have gotten their comeuppance.

Robber Survives Shootout with Police, His Three Mates Die

The images show the result of police harassment of four middle-class youths who attempted to rob a gas station in the municipality of Mogi das Cruzes, in São Paulo, on the 9th. There were shots exchanged and three of them ended up dead. A quarter shot, aged 19, has survived and remains hospitalized. Like the … Continue reading “Robber Survives Shootout with Police, His Three Mates Die”

Female Cop Kills Robber at Gas Station in Uruguaiana, Brazil

A military police officer off duty reacted to a robbery at a gas station and killed a criminal in the Rio Grande do Sul municipality of Uruguaiana. The brigadiana was at the Conesul post, on the banks of the BR-472, at around 10 pm Saturday (12), when the crime occurred. According to the Military Brigade, … Continue reading “Female Cop Kills Robber at Gas Station in Uruguaiana, Brazil”

Driver Shot Dead Trying to Help Girls Who Were Being Robbed

CCTV video from Phnom Penh in Cambodia shows a pair of girls being robbed near Sovanna Shopping Center. A random driver passing by decides to use his car as a weapon against robbers, but ends up getting shot to death.