CCTV Video of Woman Fighting Off Two Armed Robbers

CCTV video apparently from Brazil shows a woman fighting off a pair of robbers trying to steal their bags. Looks like in the end, she got the pussy pass, cause neither robber would use their gun on her to get those bag without attracting too much attention.

Fatal Stabbing by Bag Snatcher Caught on CCTV in Thailand

Pair of bag snatchers assaulted a guy in Thailand, but because the guy fought back, the robber stabbed him multiple times, until a stab to the neck finished him off. The murder was caught on CCTV.

Jewelry Store Robbery in India Caught on CCTV, Owner Fights Robbers

CCTV video from India shows a pair of armed robbers attempting to rob a jewelry store. But the store owner fought back, and even though he got stabbed in the neck, managed to prevent the thieves from getting free swag.

Mugged Man Gives Robbers Valuables, Then Pulls Out Gun and Opens Fire

CCTV video from Ceará in Brazil shows a man being mugged, and handing the robber his wallet and necklace. But when it appears that the robbers turned their backs on him to get out of there, he pulls out his gun and fires at them. I do not know if any of the robbers were … Continue reading “Mugged Man Gives Robbers Valuables, Then Pulls Out Gun and Opens Fire”