Suicidal Woman Filmed Sitting on Tracks and Waiting Until Train Kills Her

At least I think it’s a woman. Probably a fairly young one too. The video from undisclosed location shows an apparently suicidal woman sitting on railway tracks waiting for a train to come and kill her. As a train approaches, she gives it a wave and braces herself for the last seconds of her life.

Woman Commits Suicide by Throwing Herself Under Wheels of Bus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Video from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil shows the aftermath of an apparent suicide whereby a woman allegedly threw herself under the wheels of a bus and god crushed to death. The video was filmed by an overexcited guy.

Turkish Man Shoots Himself in Temple and Streams it on Facebook Live

Not sure how reliable my backinfo is, but apparently the star of this video is from Turkey. He’s an older man, who live streamed his apparent suicide on Facebook, by shooting himself in the temple with a small gun.

Man Does Not Survive Being Cut in Half by Train

Video from undisclosed location shows a man who was cut in half by a train, but appears to not have survived. Most of the time when we see a video of people cut in half, they live to experience the agony, and take a while to pass on. This one was either found late, or … Continue reading “Man Does Not Survive Being Cut in Half by Train”