Cameraman Fucks Up Impact with Ground of Man Falling from Building

Video from undisclosed location shows a man falling to his death from a building. The cameraman was doing reasonably well, but royally fucked up the impact with the ground shot. The video however contains some aftermath footage of the corpse, so good enough, I guess. Not sure if this was a suicide or accident.

Young Man Falls from Cell Tower in Pharr, Texas

A person lost his life falling from the top of an antenna in the city of Pharr in the county of Hidalgo, Texas. At the intersection of Jackson and the Milpas was the rescue operation that caused great traffic and alertness among residents. The person at the top of a telecommunications tower lost his balance … Continue reading “Young Man Falls from Cell Tower in Pharr, Texas”

Video Wuttisan Wongtalay Livestreamed on Facebook of Killing His Daughter and Himself

Here’s the video Wuttisan Wongtalay of Phuket in Thailand livestreamed on Facebook, showing him killing his 11 months old daughter and then himself, because his partner was a cheating whore.