Woman Brutally Tortured and Humiliated in Brazilian Favela

Video from a Brazilian favela shows a group of men brutally torturing and humiliating a young woman. Good to finally see some equality and the end of endless pussy passes in Brazil. I don’t know why the woman was punished, but they pretty much destroyed her hands, which is usually punishment for thieves.

CCTV of Daycare Worker Pushing Child Down Stairs

A Delaware County daycare worker has been charged after she was caught on CCTV camera pushing a 4 year old girl down a flight of steps. The incident happened at Childcare of the Future in the 700 block of Secane Avenue in Primos. Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said 52 year old Sarah Gable … Continue reading “CCTV of Daycare Worker Pushing Child Down Stairs”

Bitch Twitches After Smack Over Head with Piece of Wood

Video from Brazil shows a group of guys punishing a girl over some pictures she recorded and published on the internet. Their goal was to only punish her, not kill her, but managed to smack her hard enough over the noggin to send her into spastic twitches.