Prison Guard Held Hostage by Inmates in Alcaçuz Prison

During today’s deadly riot in Alcaçuz prison in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a guard was taken hostage and is shown in the video tied up, as inmates demand that the police not intervene, and ask for fix the horrific conditions in Brazilian prisons.

Mexican Woman Accosted Over Abuse of Her Children

I cling to word with my neighbor has 3 children and a baby to the 4 children hits them a lot he bathed them with cold water at night to the baby of 7 months he yells and sticks the children are So traumatized that at school they make themselves peeled and this is something … Continue reading “Mexican Woman Accosted Over Abuse of Her Children”

White Chicago Teen Forced by Blacks to Drink Toilet Water, Kiss Floor

This video is related to the previously released video of four blacks torturing a white, mentally challenged teen, and streaming his torture live on Facebook. In this video, they force the teen to drink toilet water, kiss the floor, say “Fuck Donald Trump” and “I Love Black People“.