Woman Jumps from a Building in Los Teques, Venezuela

Google translate: This Monday, December 19, a woman was launched into the void from a building located in the sector El Cabotaje, Los Teques, Miranda state. The moment was captured by a person on his cell phone and subsequently released. And although few details are known of the event, it can be seen in the … Continue reading “Woman Jumps from a Building in Los Teques, Venezuela”

Female Cop Fails at Policing and Gets Beat by Guy in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Video from Três Corações in Minas Gerais, Brazil depicts the incompetence of a female cop who gets her ass handed to her by some guy. She’s rescued by white knights, which is exactly what one would expect from a pussy whipped country like Brazil. On MISCOPY.com, the incompetence of female cops has been well documented.

Thieves Attempt to Rob Cafeteria, One Receives Free Ticket to Hell

CCTV video from Brazil shows a pair of robbers attempting to rob people at a cafeteria, but one of the patrons had a gun, and spoiled the robbers’ fun. The accomplice with a motorcycle escaped after losing the ride, but the main bandit received a free ticket to hell.

Car Going Wrong Way Takes Out Motorcyclists in Singapore

Dashcam video from Singapore shows a car driving the wrong way at high speed causing a collision with a motorcycle. Apparently, most motorcyclists survived, but the wrong way driver died. Aftermath is HERE.