Russian Taxi Driver Saved from False Rape Accusation by Dashcam

Video apparently from Russia shows a woman board a taxi cab and proceed to falsely accuse the driver of rape. The driver’s ass was saved by the webcam. Unfortunately, female privilege and gynocentrism allow women to falsely accuse men without repercussions, so unless the man has evidence to save his ass, he’s screwed. AWALT!

Realistic Sex Doll Without AI

Several brothels in Austria and Spain have added sex dolls to their list of available pussies to fuck, and the interest in them has been much greater than in real women. When a sex doll can fuck a man better than a woman, you know them bitches are as useless as it gets. This video … Continue reading “Realistic Sex Doll Without AI”

Impaired Septic Truck Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Holmen, Wisconsin

CCTV video released by the Holmen Police Department shows the fatal crash involving a suspected impaired septic truck driver. The incident happened on August 7, 2017 in Holmen, Wisconsin.