Disgusting Display of Female Privilege in Cambodia

A group of drug traffickers was arrested in Cambodia, and loaded onto a pickup truck to be taken to jail, but the loading was a disgusting display of female privilege, whereby female arrestees had their hands cuffed in the front, whereas males were cuffed in the back.

Male Corpse Found in Shallow Grave in Anori, Brazil

Google translate: Residents find body in a pink pit in the city of Anori. A suspect was arrested. The body of a man known as “Pipa” was found in the morning of this Sunday (20) in a shallow grave in a scrub in the city of Anori, 195 km from Manaus. A suspect was arrested. … Continue reading “Male Corpse Found in Shallow Grave in Anori, Brazil”

Cambodian Man Sets Grandchild on Fire Because He Was Angry with His Daughter

Google translate: Provincial police commissioner, the grandfather-old grandson self-immolation 1 that is not crazy, but drunk (Kampot): The provincial police commissioner Lieutenant General Mao Chandara MAKTHURA Bronze grandfather confirmed that the self-immolation grandchildren just turned 1, he’s not stupid, but he was drunk at the fire house. General Commissioner added that the siege arrested grandfather … Continue reading “Cambodian Man Sets Grandchild on Fire Because He Was Angry with His Daughter”

ISIS Video Depicting Aftermath of Alleged US Air Strike

Video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria depicts the alleged aftermath of an air strike by the US army. Except everyone who doesn’t live with rose tinted shades on their mug knows that US is training, supporting, financing and arming ISIS, so this claim could not possibly be true.