Woman Talks While Men Pick Up Brain Matter of Traffic Accident Victim

Video from Indonesia shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which the victim had his head run over and crushed by a vehicle. As men pick up the brain matter and skull fragments, a woman talks.

CCTV of Man Being Shot While Riding Motorcycle in Barbalha, Ceará, Brazil

In the city of Barbalha where Gilmário Ribeiro do Reis, 31, was shot dead. The criminal action occurred around 2:20 pm on Paulo Marques Avenue, Bulandeira Neighborhood. According to popular, the victim was riding a motorcycle model CG 125 KS, red color and plate OST 4169 registration of Brejo Santo-CE when he was shot by … Continue reading “CCTV of Man Being Shot While Riding Motorcycle in Barbalha, Ceará, Brazil”

Mangina Cucks Assault Guy Without Questioning If Woman Could Be Wrong

Video from undisclosed location, but presumably Honduras, shows a trio of pussy whipped loser mangina cucks assault a guy for squaring up with a woman, without questioning if the woman could be in the wrong. That’s how it goes when you’re a fucking dickless cuck.

Female Privilege Meets Police State – Police State Wins

A woman was rudely smoking cigarette in a non smoking zone, but because she’s used to her female privilege, she expected no one would be able to stop her, but that’s not how it works in a police state. In a police state, the cops enforce female privilege, but enforcement of police state always comes … Continue reading “Female Privilege Meets Police State – Police State Wins”

Older Chinese Couple Is Not Mobile Enough to Avoid Getting Hit by Incompetent Driver

Guess the gender… CCTV video from China shows an incompetent driver run up on the sidewalk and into a shop window by a way of two older people who are not mobile enough to avoid getting hit by the dumbass.

Two Dumbasses on Motorcycle Provide Entertainment for Cameraman with Hearty Laugh

I suspect this could be Brazil (not sure). The video shows two people on a motorcycle and the rider revs it like he means it, only to fuck up and provide entertainment for the cameraman who just can’t hold the laughter back.