Motorcyclist Brutally Flattened on the Road

Video form Indonesia shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident whereby a motorcyclist was flattened on the road by a truck. The cameraman royally fucked up nice gory footage with his stupid finger n front of the lens. Must be an Iphone owner, which is synonymous with “retard“.

The Secret of the Hypocrites – Three Men Executed by Boko Haram

Video titled “The Secret of the Hypocrites” released by Boko Haram shows the mujaheddin executing three alleged government spies – one by beheading, two by shot in the head.

Rodney James Hess Live Streams on Facebook his Own Murder by Crockett County Police

A 36 year old Louisiana man named Rodney Hess was murdered in cold blood by a Crockett County sheriff’s deputy near the town of Alamo in Tennessee on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The victim streamed his own murder live on Facebook.