Woman Brutally Tortured and Humiliated in Brazilian Favela

Video from a Brazilian favela shows a group of men brutally torturing and humiliating a young woman. Good to finally see some equality and the end of endless pussy passes in Brazil. I don’t know why the woman was punished, but they pretty much destroyed her hands, which is usually punishment for thieves.

Bike Thieves Saved from Lynching by Police in Manaus, Brazil

The thieves were dragged to a lynching site but police arrived in time to save them Two thieves were arrested and beaten hard by a group of people Tuesday morning after stealing backpacks and cell phones from students at Tiradentes State College, located on Avenida Codaj├ís, Petr├│polis neighborhood, in the southern zone of Manaus. The … Continue reading “Bike Thieves Saved from Lynching by Police in Manaus, Brazil”