CCTV Footage of Man Hammering People on Street in China

CCTV video from China shows a man beating people on the street with what looks like a hatchet. As he’s hammering their heads, a woman riding by stops and tries to stop him. He hits her a few times, but turns focus back on his marks. She insists on defending them, so he hammers her … Continue reading “CCTV Footage of Man Hammering People on Street in China”

American Negro Gets His Ass Whooped After Provoking Serbs in Greece

An American negro by the name of Bakari Henderson was badmouthing and playing tough with a group of Serbs in Laganas on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. After he smashed his drink on their tables,the Serbs have had enough and whopped his stinky ass. The Yank went belly up.

Nigerian Military Officer Whips His Girlfriend for Using Hypergamy

Video from Nigeria shows a military officer humiliating and whipping his girlfriend of 7 years who turned to hypergamy in order to entrap him in marriage. She apparently lied to him that she was pregnant so she can lock him up in marriage now that she had hit the wall.