Beaten Bandits Set on Fire by Mob

Look what they did to these two alleged criminals. Would you do the same? At some point, someone approaches the two and throws on them a flammable liquid. Then he set fire to one of them. In desperation, the man screams and starts rolling over the floor to put out the fire. Until you can. … Continue reading “Beaten Bandits Set on Fire by Mob”

Video Allegedly Showing White Supremacists Hanging Black Woman

A video appearing to show white beating, pissing on and hanging a black woman has been circulating on the internet, but I have my doubts it is real. Looks like something Dear Leader Trump’s camp would produce to demonize white people for Israel.

Canadian Girl Beaten to Death by Two Teenage Girls in Manitoba

The body of 19 year old Serena McKay was found on Sunday April 23, 2017 in Sagkeeng First Nation, about 100km from Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. Two teenage girls of 15 and 16 years respectively have been arrested and charged with second degree murder. Their names have not been released due to Canadian laws.