Director of Disaster Management Killed by Helicopter Blades During Rescue

The moment the helicopter hit a license to Mr. Amiri Mr. Amiri, Director General of the crisis Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad rescue a few people on the slopes of Mount Dena lost their lives due to negligence. Google translate ^^

ISIS Video Showing POV Assassinations and Two Executions

Video released by ISIS shows the POV of mujaheddin assassinating people with silenced weapons. At the end, two men are executed, one by beheading.

Man Brutally Dismembered While Alive and Decapitated by Los Zetas

Video from Tamaulipas, Mexico shows the members of Los Zetas cartel brutally dismembering a man while he’s still alive. Once his feet and hands are cut off, they behead him. The victim was allegedly a hitman from the Northeastern cartel.

Execution of Iraqi General by ISIS

Video released by the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) shows the mujaheddin executing multiple men – one by beheading, and an Iraqi general is shown being executed with a volley of gunfire.

Beheading of Two Elderly Men with Sword by ISIS

Video released by ISIS shows two elderly men being beheaded by sword. The moment of beheading is cut off, as is typical of ISIS, but a face of one of the severed heads is shown after decapitation, and its features move.