Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms

The minor was seriously injured. Preliminary information from the authorities indicated that the fatal victim was a moneylender, but then it was confirmed that he was not. “It is an unfortunate case that comes to us where there is an attack against a person. He had a girl in his arms, he was driving a … Continue reading “Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms”

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Two Men Dead on Road

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of fatal traffic accident in which two men in worker uniforms were killed. There is brain matter and skull fragments on the road.

Drunk Biker Bleeds from Mouth After Causing Accident in Philippines

Video from the City of Lucena in the province of Quezon, Philippines shows the aftermath of a traffic accident caused by a drunk motorcyclist. The biker is shown in the video bleeding from the mouth. He crashed into a trike mototaxi and seriously injured the driver. Exclusive video filmed by Best Gore member MissEve.