Young Couple Run Over by Truck in Argentina

This happened on Sunday, January 29. According to the version I have, the boy traveled with his friend from Machagai to Quitilipi, 20 Kilometers away, to see the comparsa, with the bike he took the father away without his knowing. Later, when entering the route to return to Machagai they did not notice that a … Continue reading “Young Couple Run Over by Truck in Argentina”

Brazilian Woman Involved in Truck Accident Loses Arm

Severe accident was recorded the afternoon of this Monday, January 2, in the BA-210, in front of the neighborhood Tabuleiro, in Juazeiro (BA). An unidentified woman was hit by a truck and lost her left arm that was caught in one of the wheels of the vehicle. In the shock the young woman had a … Continue reading “Brazilian Woman Involved in Truck Accident Loses Arm”

Motorcycle Accident with Aftermath Showing Compound Fracture and Dislocation of Ankle

Helmet cam video shows the motorcycle accident in which a pair on a bike was cut off by a car. The video also shows the aftermath involving the compound fracture and dislocation of the woman’s ankle.

Motorcyclist with Compound Fracture of Leg, Femur Sticking Out

Video from undisclosed location depicts the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist is shown with a compound fracture of his leg, through which his femur sticks out.

Rasta with Bone Sticking Out After Motorcycle Accident in Jamaica

A traffic accident aftermath video shows a Rastafarian with bone sticking out of his leg, as his fellow biker lays face down on the road after crashing motorcycle.