Police Brutality Challenged by Female Privilege in Toronto, Canada

Canada is a feminist capital of the world, in which any challenge to female privilege is met with state sanctioned violence enforced by way of police brutality. But what happened when police brutality is challenged by female privilege itself?

Disgusting Race Mixing Propaganda Video Paid for by Canadian Taxpayers

A disgusting piece of racist, anti white propaganda titled “Beige Horizon” was produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for the comedy show “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”. CBC is funded with the Canadian taxpayers’ money. The video features Canadian colored actor Shaun Majumder. The video celebrates a future in which white people have been … Continue reading “Disgusting Race Mixing Propaganda Video Paid for by Canadian Taxpayers”

Drugged Up Woman Assaults Man on Train, Cops Arrest Victim for Being Man

This happened in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2014. A woman, apparently high on drugs, attacked a male passenger on a train. After taking a lot of abuse, the man eventually proceeded to defend himself against the attacker, but the cops showed up and arrested the victim.