CCTV Video of Woman Fighting Off Two Armed Robbers

CCTV video apparently from Brazil shows a woman fighting off a pair of robbers trying to steal their bags. Looks like in the end, she got the pussy pass, cause neither robber would use their gun on her to get those bag without attracting too much attention.

Motorcyclist Cut Off by Pickup Truck Flies Through Air

CCTV video from Bragança Paulista – a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, shows the moment a motorcyclist is cut off by a pick up truck and both the biker and the bike perform impressive spins through the air. The biker somehow survived.

Security Guards Beat the Shit out of Homeless Man with Batons

Images of a security camera show an aggression to a homeless person in Porto Alegre. The case occurred last Saturday afternoon (31), in front of the Zaffari supermarket on Avenida Cristóvão Colombo, in the Floresta neighborhood (see video above). The images show three men dressed in black clothes and boots, leaving the Zaffari parking lot. … Continue reading “Security Guards Beat the Shit out of Homeless Man with Batons”

Axe Wielding Tranny Attacks Convenience Store Customers in Sydney, Australia

A sexual identity crisis freak attacked two people with an axe inside a 7/11 in suburban Sydney, Australia. The police stated the attack happened at around 2:25am on Saturday on Stanmore Road in Enmore.