Forklift Operator Drops Steel Bars on Truck Driver in Singapore

CCTV video from a workplace in Singapore shows a forklift operator braking hard because he didn’t see the truck driver until the last second, but the braking caused the steel bars he was carrying to slip and fall on the driver, killing him.

SUV Runs Over Two Elderly Women in Russia

The car moved two women. In the Khabarovsk Territory in the city Nikolayevsk-on-Amur two elderly Women were victims of accidents involving Car “Niva”. As you can see from the video from the camera Observations, the driver of the “Niva”, throughout the Visibility, did not notice the Machine and knocked them down, trying to Leave the … Continue reading “SUV Runs Over Two Elderly Women in Russia”

Retired Cops Exchange Fire in São Paulo, One Dies

A video that is circulating on internet shows two retired military police officers exchanging shots in Moema, a prime area of ​​the South Zone of São Paulo, last Saturday (6). One died and the other survived. Retired corporal Marcos Antonio Abraão died in the exchange of shots with the reformed soldier Hector Marcelo Vieira. Marcos … Continue reading “Retired Cops Exchange Fire in São Paulo, One Dies”

Cyclist Rammed by Female Driver Because He Told Her to Stop Using Phone While Driving

Female driver was endangering traffic by texting while driving, and was asked by a cyclist to quit texting. She responded by deliberately ramming the cyclist, causing him multiple fractures. This happened in London, UK.