Cell Phone Thief Stoned by Mob Yelling Allahu Akbar in Kenya

Video from Mombasa in Kenya shows a mob clubbing and stoning man accused of stealing cell phones. The alleged thief was caught early in the morning after Ramadhan prayers and Muslims delivered street justice while yelling Allahu Akbar.

Thief Beaten with Sticks by Comando Vermelho in Cuiabá, Brazil

The video shown on the internet is publicized in the tone of threats and warnings to thugs who do not follow according to the orders of the criminal faction. The recording with the time of 2:14 shows a man being severely punished for an unauthorized assault by the CV, Comando Vermelho, supposedly in the region … Continue reading “Thief Beaten with Sticks by Comando Vermelho in Cuiabá, Brazil”

Woman Brutally Tortured and Humiliated in Brazilian Favela

Video from a Brazilian favela shows a group of men brutally torturing and humiliating a young woman. Good to finally see some equality and the end of endless pussy passes in Brazil. I don’t know why the woman was punished, but they pretty much destroyed her hands, which is usually punishment for thieves.