CCTV of Biker Colliding Head On with Police Car in Choco, Colombia

They met the images that show a brutal shock suffered by a young man aboard a motorcycle when he was hit in front of a police patrol of the city of Quibdó, Choco. Fortunately, the young man who wore the worst part miraculously recovers at a clinic in the city of Medellin. Google translate ^^

Policeman Prevents Suicide of a Young Man in Ábrego, Colombia

In a video was recorded the way the Police, Marcos Garcia, attached to the Sectional of Norte de Santander, convinces and persuades a young man not to take his life in a fulminating manner. The young man was in his room, standing on a metal cabinet and with a rope tied around the ceiling truss. … Continue reading “Policeman Prevents Suicide of a Young Man in Ábrego, Colombia”

Illegal Street Racer Trashes Car in Cali, Colombia

Two people were injured in an automobile accident that occurred in the Mundialista Tunnel of the city of Cali. In the video you can see how several high-end vehicles compete through this avenue, a Mercedes Benz A45 AMG latest model crashed against one of the walls of the tunnel and was completely destroyed. The incident … Continue reading “Illegal Street Racer Trashes Car in Cali, Colombia”

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Barranquilla, Colombia

Video from Barranquilla in Colombia shows the aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident. A middle aged couple appears to have crashed. The woman died twisted out of shape and with head cracked.The man appears to be alive in the ditch.

14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide from 11th Floor in Cartagena, Colombia

A 14-year-old girl died Tuesday morning in Cartagena, after falling from the 11th floor of the Terrazas de San Sebastián residential building in the tourist sector of Marbella, north of the city. Staff of the Cartagena emergency regulator center moved to the site to address the tragedy, and investigate whether it was a suicide or … Continue reading “14 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide from 11th Floor in Cartagena, Colombia”