Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms

The minor was seriously injured. Preliminary information from the authorities indicated that the fatal victim was a moneylender, but then it was confirmed that he was not. “It is an unfortunate case that comes to us where there is an attack against a person. He had a girl in his arms, he was driving a … Continue reading “Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms”

CCTV of Car Hitting Three Students from SENA Colombia

CCTV video from Bogota, Colombia shows a van hitting three SENA students who were crossing the road on a crosswalk. SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) is a public National Service of Learning. All three students are said to be in critical condition.

Lesbian Couple Attacked by Female Neighbors in Colombia

“Machorra” is, according to them, one of the qualifiers that they use to attack them. In the most recent event there was physical assault. The confrontation, which was recorded in video, occurred last Sunday in front of the residence of the couple, in Bogota. The aggressors are a mother and daughter who, according to the … Continue reading “Lesbian Couple Attacked by Female Neighbors in Colombia”

CCTV of Biker Colliding Head On with Police Car in Choco, Colombia

They met the images that show a brutal shock suffered by a young man aboard a motorcycle when he was hit in front of a police patrol of the city of Quibdó, Choco. Fortunately, the young man who wore the worst part miraculously recovers at a clinic in the city of Medellin. Google translate ^^

Policeman Prevents Suicide of a Young Man in Ábrego, Colombia

In a video was recorded the way the Police, Marcos Garcia, attached to the Sectional of Norte de Santander, convinces and persuades a young man not to take his life in a fulminating manner. The young man was in his room, standing on a metal cabinet and with a rope tied around the ceiling truss. … Continue reading “Policeman Prevents Suicide of a Young Man in Ábrego, Colombia”