Man Caught on Camera Throwing Himself Under Truck in Panipat, Haryana, India

Video from the city of Panipat in the state of Haryana, India shows the moment a man apparently committed suicide by throwing himself under a passing truck. Cameraman fucked it up when he realized he just caught someone’s death on camera.

Aftermath of Fatal Road Accident in Talakondapalle, India

Video from the city of Talakondapalle in Telangana, India shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident in which at least two members of a family died allegedly after attempting to overtake a truck on a motorcycle.

Motorcyclist Killed by Red Running Truck in Ji-Paraná, Rondônia, Brazil

Video from the city of Ji-Paraná in Rondônia, Brazil shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which a motorcyclist was run over and smeared on the road by a truck that allegedly ran a red light.

Pregnant Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Fetus Pushed Out

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident, in which a pregnant female motorcyclist was crushed to death by a truck. Her fetus was pushed out of the womb and died detached on the road.

Aftermath of Accident in India Involving Tractor Transporting People

Video from an undisclosed location in India shows the aftermath of an accident involving a tractor. the tractor was transporting people and overturned, resulting in multiple injuries and at least one death.