Motorcyclist Killed by Red Running Truck in Ji-Paraná, Rondônia, Brazil

Video from the city of Ji-Paraná in Rondônia, Brazil shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which a motorcyclist was run over and smeared on the road by a truck that allegedly ran a red light.

Pregnant Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Truck, Fetus Pushed Out

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident, in which a pregnant female motorcyclist was crushed to death by a truck. Her fetus was pushed out of the womb and died detached on the road.

Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident in Jaipur, India – Biker on Fire

Video from the city of Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan, India shows the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in which the biker caught on fire and is seen in the video burning uncontrollably.

Driver Films Drunk Biker Crashing into Oncoming Truck

Video apparently filmed by a driver in Cambodia shows a drunk motorcyclist riding all over the road, and eventually crashing into an oncoming truck. His helmet wasn’t properly secured so it flew off his head, and he lost quite a bit of blood shortly after the impact.

Rasta with Bone Sticking Out After Motorcycle Accident in Jamaica

A traffic accident aftermath video shows a Rastafarian with bone sticking out of his leg, as his fellow biker lays face down on the road after crashing motorcycle.

Motorcyclists Die After Slamming Into Car at High Speed

Aftermath of a fatal traffic accident shows two motorcyclists dead, and possibly also the driver of the car they slammed into. The impact side on the car speaks volume of the speed at which the collision occurred.